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Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Flash Tool Must Have Application

Hey guys once again the Flash Tool has been updated by Bin4ry and Androxyde, and it is a must have application. Now the flash tool is more user friendly and it is packed with some vital features. Now you can root,  installed busybox, clear your phone, install firmwares, and it installed key custom apps as well like launcher pro and the htc ime. So all you have to do is download the file the extract it. Connect your phone with usb debugging enabled and operate.

There is one more feature as well, it installs xRecovery with no problems, this is a big plus. I know that some viewers are having trouble installing it. I was facing the same problem as well with this tool it was done in seconds and it works.

-If you are going to flash you phone you have to place the firmware sin files in a new subfolder in the FIRMWARES folder. Hit flash then connect your phone in flash mode.
-Today I updated my phone to the 024 X10a global firmware (but flashing with the included flasher). I used this to install root, xRecovery, and the custom applications. Everything worked well and was quick ans easy. This does root the new 024 firmwares as well. You can find them here.

Keep track of the thread for future updates


  1. any0ne there can help me? I have a big pr0blem with my x10? When i try to update my x10 tru SEUS,,in the middle of update,it accidentally disconnect the usb fr0m my phone,when i try to open my phone,cant open it,theres no display,vibrate 0nly,but when i try to update again,it d0esnt w0rk,and not detected my ph0ne,and when d0wnl0ading the software,and to install it,it doesnt work,appear 0n c0mputer ERROR,pls help me? What is the pr0blem? My friend said it is dead boot...

  2. the downlink doesnt work

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