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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sad News - XperiaX10 Blog

Tej at XperiaX10 Blog posted his last post on the site. He stated that SE does not allow the use of Xperia on his site and is taking formal action on the site. I disagree 100% to their statement and it makes no sense as well.

The XperiaX10 blog worked hard to bring up to date information on the Xperia X10 and spread knowledge of the device as well. From the old firmwares updates with the Sony Ericsson software, to the root, to the custom roms, and the the bootloader. It was a a great site and only site to get all the info on our device up to date. I hope SE reconsiders their action and allows to blog to run as usually.

I wish Tej the best of luck on his future plans. 

-I stated the blog, was going great, then crashed due to some issues. I hope to bring it back soon but I think I might be getting a email for SE soon = P. Have a nice day.