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In 2011

Wednesday, January 19, 2011



Thanks to Bin4ry for the dual touch implementation and for the guide. Thanks to My_Immortal for making dual touch enabled in every application.

You will need
1) This File
2) The latest Flash Tool
3) X10 Mod Tool

Step One - Getting Dual Touch on your phone
Note - This process does not overwrite any files, you do not need to worry about backing up your files.

Extract the download file and then place the "Dualtouch" folder in the "firmwares" folder in the Flash Tool.
Then start up the Flash Tool then hit "connect". Select X10 then plug in your phone in flash mode. (plugging in your phone holding the back button, you should see the green notification light).
Then select "Flash" select the Dualtouch sin files hit ok and the files will get flashed to your phone. 
After flashing unplug your phone and reboot. 
-To test it out search and install "MultiTouch Visualizer 2" in the market place and try it out. 

Step Two - Getting it to work on all Applications
In the downloaded file there is a XML document called android.hardware.touch-------
Place that file in your "files" folder in X10 Mod Tool
Plug in your phone with USB debugging enabled then start up X10 Mod Tool
Select the X10 XML file on the left box then on the right one navigate to /system/etc/permissions/ and push the XML file to that folder. 
Then reboot. 
Now open up Google Maps and Zoooom !!

Enjoy.........Angry Birds, LauncherPro, ADW Launcher, GameBoy Emulators, Gameloft games, and more!!!


  1. hi

    I am using firmware version 2.1-rooted-zdz...and buil is 2.0.2.a.0.24

    when i try to put my phone in flash mode its not staying in flash mode for more than 10 sec ..........when i press the back button and plug the cable in green light is coming and its just staying on for 10 sec and after 10 sec phone turns on..........can you help me out on this onw

  2. hi! will it work in x10 mini pro? thanks

  3. Hey, mm for flash mode there is no specific trick. i have the same firmware as you. Mmm just turn off your phone then remove the battery. Try this way.

  4. Hey I am not sure about the X10 mini pro.

  5. seems to be working on ADW launcher and Angry Birds, but not working on Google maps. How come?

  6. I am not sure. Did you update to the latest Google Maps? Also try it again.

  7. actually, even it's not working as u want it to be
    its' truly improved the accuracy and sensitivity of screen though

  8. don't i need the ftf file (http://www-stud.uni-due.de/~sfanmakr..._Dualtouch.ftf) asw Bin4ry says?

  9. Yeh its not 100% accurate but its better than nothing.

    Hey marc I dont understand your comment ?

  10. dual touch is not working to me.
    using rom 2.1 pre root and xrecovery by D_d
    anyway to get dual touch to work?

  11. Never mind Rakash. It works when u create an ftf file in de mod app with the contents of the zipfile. Doesnt work in browser, adw and maps but does perfectly in everything else. Thanks a lot man! For all the other posts too. Installed nearly everything you recommended, including root. Thanks again!

  12. I don't want to sounds like a noob here, but does this work with an X10 that's not rooted?

  13. Yeah, I did a little more research after the post and came to that conclusion. Thanks for the reply!

  14. Hey Tom check out my new firmware post. It has everything in it.

  15. Fantastic Rakesh u r progressing well with ur blog...as I told u keep patience and u will reach der....all the best and I am also going to try on my xeria now. I hope it works out without any prob.

  16. says permission denied at the end of the push.. doesnt work on gmaps

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Hey Jesse, I have not encountered that error before. But on the bright side all the new roms have dual touch.

    Thanks Djsquare

  19. Hey, I have a X10 Mini. I know that the hardware is compatible with Dualtouch (2 fingers) so I think it would work, but does it need to be rooted? I don't know how... I have tried (almost) everything!: Z4root, Busybox installer, SuperOneClick, Bin4ry's graphical flash tool and Androot or whatever its called...

  20. wheres the hell is that android.hardware.touch XML document thingy?? its not there

  21. my device is rooted and i'm using eclair. can it works?