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Friday, November 5, 2010


Okay jerpelea from XDA released a new android 2.1 OPTIMISER

You can download it here

The OPTIMISER does 4 things
-clean all junk applications
-enable JIT to boost performance
-zipalign and optimise all resources to get more speed...use with caution....may need to reflash
-still tesing nexus video drivers

The only thing that I did was step 2 which is the JIT performance boost, and it really does give you a boost. When I did quadrant I got 630 points, which is a major boost. I didn't do the other options because I am not fully satisfied on what they do, and I don't want to spend another hour re-flashing, and restoring my phone and files.

To do it you need to have a rooted 2.1 X10

Step One
-Have PC companion open
-Download and extract the file
-Then open the SuperClick folder and run SuperClick as admin
-Then click on shell root
-The steps are the same as the previous root procedure
-Connect your phone then click on charge, then click on usb debugging
-If it doesn't work then unplug, un tick, then plug and tick usb debugging again

Step Two
-Once you have shell root open the 2_jit_enabler.bat file
-Press any key
-You should see some lines of code and when finish your phone will turn off
-Then unplug your phone then start it up
-The initial boot will take a while so wait
-After boot your phone will come back to normal

Step Three
-Now run SuperClick as admin again
-Run the root procedure, click on root...........you should know the rest by now

Now you have JIT and Root. To test it out install quadrant to see your new benchmark, for me it was 630 but some people got 700. To test root open busybox and install it again. If busybox does not work uninstall it  then install from the market again.

If you want to do all the steps in the OPTIMISER do it the following way
-shell root in SuperOneClick
  -run step 1, phone reboots (take long time to wake up again be patient)
-shell root in SuperOneClick
  -run step 2, phone reboots (take long time to wake up again be patient)
-shell root in SuperOneClick
  -run step 3, phone reboots (take long time to wake up again be patient)
-shell root in SuperOneClick
  -run step 4, phone reboots (take long time to wake up again be patient)

If you get into any problem reflash you phone again with 2.1. I only did step 2 and it worked for me, I am not sure about the other steps but it is up to you. Like I said IF you get into any problems you can always reflash you phone. You can find that here.

-I saw some improvements in live wallpapers
-Opening apps was a bit quicker


  1. How long does it take to shell root?

  2. Hello ulinha it should take around a minute, around there. At the end it should say that you temporarily have sell root and that you will lose it once you reboot. In my case it took me around 8 minutes to get the shell root, and around a minute to get it installed on the phone. Also if you want to root check out my other post with the one click root app, saves you alot of time and frustration.

  3. Raksha Hello, first, excuse me for English, because I'm Brazilian and I do not speak very well!
    Man, I have faced problems. I already have the root of the phone, but for sure did his post and he said to already be root. The root shell does not do it, gives the screen (below) and there do not leave, do not know what I'm doing wrong, if you can give me a light I will be eternally grateful.


  4. Hello Ulinha, that my friend is the annoying loop. Trust me I had that screen for minutes it really made me insane. Do not worry nothing is messed up you just need to the steps again. MMM I guess start off fresh again. Reboot your computer. Then open PC Companion. Connect your phone. Let PC Companion find you phone and download any drivers IF necessary. Close all of that then unplug your phone. Open SuperClick, shell root, connect your phone, click charge on your phone, enable usb debugging. If you get into a loop again disable usb debugging, unplug, plug it in again then enable debugging again.

    Honestly I hate this procedure it took me like 20 minutes to get and I have to do this 6 times in total. If they is a easier way I would definitely post it online. Also nothing is messed up one your phone. Also try changing USB ports, if your on a laptop like me use the main usb port. That helped me.

  5. O yeh for JIT you need root, then your shell root, then you root again.

    Shell root is annoying to get
    But now you can root with the root apk

  6. hey so im an AT&T user that flashed to 2.1 using ROGERS and i wanted to install JIT on my phone and after i did your method my x10a became x10i is there going to be a problem w/ that or do i need to reflash?

  7. Hello ooga1oo, with the 2.1 there is no problems for the phone if the firmware is x10i or x10a. The only thing that you have to do is enter your carrier apn's manually. Just Google At&t android apn and you should find it.

    I have a X10a as well, no problem soo far.

  8. cool thx cuz i was hearing problems about SEUS not recognizing ppl's phones cuz their phones were x10a but they had x10i firmware. haha ya the first thing i did was change to att apn and get an H instead of 3G but i heard its faster?

    thx for posting ur JIT method btw very useful. my phone's benchmark is around 715 now. battery life wasn't a big difference but runs a lot smoother now :) i just hadta install that one JIT batch file right? lol cuz tryinta shell root took forever -.- kept looping

  9. Hi there im using xp will it matter if i run normally or as administrator? I tried running as admin but my password is blank and it wont allow me to run. if i run normally superoneclick keeps looping even after trying the steps. thanks

  10. Hey Ram, sorry about that you know what I will post a alternative to get this JIT to work. Sorry for the delay. Check back soon.

  11. Hi Rakash, I've managed to shell root, double clicked on jit_v2 then re-rooted, but how do i know if i have jit enabled?

  12. Hey Ram, go to your market and search/download and app call quadrant. Run a full benchmark test and if your results are from 600-750 then you have jit enabled.

  13. do i have to reapply jit after i restore my device to factory default ?

  14. Hey I#ve the FreeX10 Froyo-Rom and I have 741 :)

  15. The download link is no longer available. Anybody has another link?


  16. Hey Lauro just use the Flash Tool
    It has everything combined in one package. And its easier to use

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