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Saturday, November 13, 2010

How to make X10/Android Phone super fast UPDATED

Here is something that I stumbled apon while reading online. After trying it out I have to say it is a must do for the X10. On the market there is a application called AutoKiller. PLEASE Install this application if you want your x10 to be blazing fast, lol. Unlike a task manager this works within android.

-Go to your market and install AutoKiller

-After installing the application open it

-In the memory limits tab just enter
 Home app 150
 Content Provider 200
 Empty App 250

AutoKiller is more stable than the minfree... application and the values do not get changed when you reboot. You will significantly notice a different when you boot your phone. Once the application gets permissions your phone will be FAST.

You should notice an increase in speed. On my phone I always have at least 90 mb of free ram. Which is way better that the 30mb - 40mb i used to get. Apps open faster and operate faster as well. This is a great mod to do if you like to play games your on phone.

My Quadrant test with this and JIT 2.0 enabled was 716, with only JIT 2.0 it was 705. Not 750 but better than nothing. 

-This might stop TimeScape from auto updating, so if you use TimeScape I guess skip this
-For even more speed enable JIT 2.0 on your phone as well, check out that post here
-If you can not to get the new values saved "apply at boot" then hit "apply" as well then reboot
-Honestly I do not know what the numbers do but they made my phone fast. Please do not mess around with this app unless you know what you are doing. The app gives you a clear statement about this when you first open it up. Unless you want to spend an hour reflashing your phone and restoring your files by all means go for it lol. 


  1. Hi,

    I have install this application and done up the steps as you have mentioned. but each time I rebooted my phone, it's reverted back to the original values... I have redo the steps many times and its still the same, is this normal?

  2. Hello Stephenus, after a while i have experienced the same issue. The fix install auto killer instead its a better application overall and all you have to do is set the same values as before. The last three values being 150, 200, 250.

  3. Hi first I experienced the exact same problem but when I made a custom preset with the last values and saved it I had no problem after rebooting

  4. AutoKiller is better gets the job done the first time.

  5. u r a lifesaver for a noob x10 user like me...ur website made me so happy today..

  6. setcpu has worked great for me. give it a shot

  7. Thanks JAQ, I will. The only reason why I did not mess with the CPU was it was hardware based and I didn't want to mess around with the it. Heard it limits the lifespan of the device and over heats.

  8. Mate, I installed autokiller and made the settings you stated to my x10. However I stop only have 30mb to use. Also on the autokiller I have it has "hidden" instead of "home". Can you please help me? Great work by the way.

  9. my bottom three says hidden app instead of home app, so now what?


  11. Open Autokiller, then go to the Advanced Tweaks tab, it says on the top apply on boot, if you click this then it will say only for autokiller pro, press back once and it will then say "apply on boot" once again. now get out of the application and reboot your phone. Once rebooted, if you go to autokiller the numbers will stay the same. TADA!

  12. thankyu..informative.. [;)] Great post!.. keep the posts coming & i will keep reading them. thank for help them. Great blog dude! I just linked to this post on my Delicious. Keep it up!


  13. thank you very mush man you have ended my misery

  14. im not sure which to choose

  15. does it work in PRO version only??