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Friday, December 31, 2010


Happy New Year everyone, MyXperiaX10.blogspot.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Stock Sony 2.1 2.0.2.A.0.24 Rooted/JIT

Thanks SK_007
SK_OO7 posted a new thread with the stock Sony 2.1 2.0.2.A.0.24 rooted and with JIT. Unlike the previous method this is much easier and is all done with xRecovery.

Rom Specs
1.It is based on the latest 2.0.2.A.0.24 Rom
(Firmware version 2.1-rooted-zdz)
(Baseband version
(Kernel version 2.6.29
2.Off course it is rooted
3.it is latest JIT v2 enabled(previously it was JIT v1 enabled)now you can get a score of upto 35 Mflops in linpack
4.latest market

He posted 3 different methods of installation and recommends the last 2 since they work "all the time". 

1.Copy the zip file[SK_007(Stock)Rom_final-JIT-v2.zip] to the root of your sd card,then reboot into xRecovery and click intall custom zip,then select SK_007(Stock)Rom_final-JIT-v2.zip ,it will start installing it,when finished reboot your device and Voila! its done,Enjoy.....

2.After downloading [SK_007(Stock)Rom_final-JIT-v2.zip] extract it,you will find a folder named "2010-12-".Copy the following folder in xrecovery/backup folder in your sd card,after that reboot your X10 into xrecovery mod and restore "2010-12-",and Voila.its done,Enjoy....

3.Go in xrecovery/backup folder(u can use root explorer or u can simply plug in your X10 to your pc with sd card mounted),there will be atleast one folder in it(if u have created a any backup(if not then first reboot into xrecovery and create a backup),replace all the 4 files,i.e cache,data,nandroid,system(img) with the 4 files u find in the extracted filer(2010-12-,after that reboot your X10 in xrecovery and restore that folder,and yeah it will start restoring,enjoy.

NEW JIT Version 2

Here is a new and improved version of the JIT Enabler. It is reported that it doubles the Linpack score and improves the X10's performance overall. I would recommended installing. The instructions are the same as before. You save the JIT zip on the root of your SD card and then reboot into xRecovery. Install as custom zip and then reboot.


So  I installed this and I have no problems so far. My WiFi is working like normal as well. After I reboot my phone it took some time to get to my home screen, I would say that it took like 2 minutes. So do not panic just give it some time. Now for the numbers,..... I did a Quadrant test right away and my result was 753, which is surprising for me because my phone is packed and fully modded. So download quick and install this mod before 2011, LOL  

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Xperia 2.1/Gingerbread Hybrid Theme ??

I was bored one day downloaded a framework-res.apk over at XDA one day and pushed it to my phone. The outcome......a hybrid X10 2.1/Gingerbread look. Personally I like it, its like a black theme with hints of dark blue here and there. Check it out

As you can see there is tints of black in the lockscreen, status bar (gingerbread style), and now playing in MediaScape. Also check box's have a new style as well. Phone book is still the same as well as contacts. The black version of the phone dialer and phone book kinda "blah". The font is not included with this mod you will have to change separately. Honestly it is best you guys try it your self. I will upload the "Hybrid" style and the stock X10 style with the battery mod. So check it out. 

How to Install
Download the file that you want and place the framework-res.apk on the ROOT of your SD card. Now you can do this with a terminal on your phone or you can do it with a terminal on your pc both use the same line of code. I did it on my PC, just remember to enable USB Debugging and connect your phone.

Enter this (mount -o remount,rw -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock2 /system) without the ( )

Hit Enter

Then enter this (dd if=/sdcard/framework-res.apk of=/system/framework/framework-res.apk) without the ( )

Hit Enter

You will see some lines of code then your phone will reboot 

Friday, December 24, 2010

JIT Through xRecovery

Here is another and more easier method of getting JIT. 

Download the file and place it on the root of your SD Card. Then reboot your phone and get into recovery mode. 

-Scroll down to "Install custom zip" the select it
-Scroll down to "Choose custom zip from sdcard" then select it 
-Find the JIT_enabler.zip on your SD card. Select it then confirm to install
-Reboot your phone


Hey guys here are some cool wallpapers that I found around, Looks nice on the X10. For the dark blue one I highly recommend that you use Wallpaper Set and Save, check it out here.

Personally I like the dark blue one it matches the X10's 2.1 firmware completely. Also click on the wallpapers to enlarge them.

Increase Head Phone Volume For X10

Here is a quick fix to increase the headphone volume on the X10, and this will work on other Android devices as well. So go to your market and install a application called "Louder Volume Hack", "hint google is your friend.

After installing it press on the speaker and you will get the following screen. 

Note - Do not play anything and have headphones plugged in when doing this 

Now in order from top to bottom hit the circled buttons. After you press a button it will apply the mod to your phone and then on the bottom of your screen you will get a message saying "successfully applied to phone" or something. If you get a error message just try it again until you get the successfully applied message. Once you are done hit exit and you are done. 

I tried this method when I was on the bus to see if it works, and surprisingly it did. I noticed a significant increase in headphone volume. I am not sure about the head set volume thou. 

Xperia X10 Update 2.0.2A.024 UPDATED

Recently SE has released a new firmware for the X10. It has been reported it "fixes" the dreadful in call volume. Great timing now I can hear my friends and family when they wish me for the holidays and new years lol. On XperiaX10Blog it was reported that there is a new keyboard, improvements in TimeScape and MediaScape, and overall phone functions. Some say that SE just released this to patch rageagainstthecage, since there is a new baseband and kernal.

But it was also noted that there is no root, which is a big blow.

BUT zdzihu over at XDA posted a new generic firmware that is pre-rooted AND comes preinstalled with xRecovery. Which is great and is a big time saver.

Generic 2.0.2A.024
Sin Loader
Latest Flasher

Normally I would write a step by step process of a mod but this mod does have a few quirks at the moment. So I am going to wait for it to get a solid and a more easier method of installation. You can still do it and I have linked all the necessary files to save you some time. I have also linked some of the posts in the thread that might be helpful.  

JIT  Note that it is reported that WiFi does not work after JIT was enabled 
Instructions 4


The Changelog soo far, doesn't really seem worth it in my opinion. 
Changelog List:
1- Incall volume is the same as previous
2-Fells faster overall
3-Nothing about Multitouch.
4-Unlock animation is more fluid and more responsive
5-the keyboard is now white and grey, like to HTC

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Another version of the original custom rom has been posted. It is version 8. The installition procedure is the same, check out this post for more info.

Change Log

-speech engine

-video playback software

-reverted market
-fixed vm

-lots of changes
-new market
-new youtube
-full hardware decoding (blame se for video bug)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Gingerbread Keyboard on X10

Title says it all. The keyboard works well. It is surprisingly accurate, not a bit fan of the color scheme but what ever. All the functions work, and some functions only work it certain areas. For example the emotions button only appears when your texting, pretty smart. Only minor issue, is that the key letter are kind of small. This is the X10 version so there is no scaling issue I will update this post when never versions come on. 

Must have Root
Need to install xRecovery, check out my previous posts to find out how. 

Download this file and place it on the root of your SD card.

-Scroll down to "Install custom zip" the select it
-Scroll down to "Choose custom zip from sdcard" then select it 
-Find the keyboard zip on your SD card Select it then confirm to install

Then reboot your phone, now you have the GingerBread Keyboard on your phone.


Alternative Method to get JIT (Less Work)

After seeing alot of questions and frustration here is a alternative method of getting JIT. It is nothing new it is the latest customizer made by ttxdragon.

You will need to have root and BusyBox installed. Just download enable usb debugging on your phone then connect via USB.

Then run RunMeWindows.bat and the rest is all self explained. Thanks to cmd interface it is easy to get done and its mess proof.

Download Here

Hope It Helps

Windows Phone 7 Launcher Icons

As I was searching for icons I found this great files that has circular Windows Phone 7 icons. I find them pretty cool and there is alot of from from the typical call, contacts, web to Acrobat reader and weather. So download the zip extract then place it on your SD card and depending on your launcher just select custom icons and choose the ones that you like.

I am using launcher pro so I can only change the dock icons and that was easy to do, long press a dock icon then select change icon/custom icon/for me it open my gallery and then I select the icon that I like. 

This is how my home screen looks like. I have weather, phone dialer, app drawer, text messages, then email.

-The time widget is called TypoClock check out my previous post on it for full info

Hope it helps and enjoy. 


I will try to make this app review quick and straight forward as I can, lol. MiuiMusic  is a great application has a alot of function and looks nice as well. It has a cool visualizer feature and a widget as well. It basically builds on top of the default 2.1 music application but is a bit better. The only problem with the application is a little bit of lag here and there, besides that it works great. 

Its best if you try it out for your selves if you care about looks then this is a good app, if you mind a little lag here and there then I guess this wouldn't really be your music application. 

Install xRecovery After Custom 2.1

After I installed the AOSP rom I was unable to install the recovery apk, I kept on getting some error stating that my memory card was full or not inserted properly. Here is how to fix that.

You need to have root, and root explorer as well. (Like I said before it makes your life easier)

Now download the latest recovery apk, then rename it as a zip.

Now open it and go to res/raw in this folder you will find 3 files busybox, chargemon, and xrecovery.tar

Now copy the raw folder to the root of your SD card

With file explorer find the folder then "multi select" the three files and then move them to system/bin, also before you move just make sure to have r/w selected before and after you select the files.

Paste the files then reboot your phone, after the 1st Sony Ericsson logo keep on pressing the back button and you should get the recovery menu.

-Just remember to have r/w selected

X10 AOSP 007 Final 2.1

Okay guys this is the "final rom" for the AOSP 2.1 project. Since the process was soo easy and quick I was unable to get screen shots of it. But I am confident that anyone can do this rom flash it is that easy and simple. Once again thanks to the developers over at XDA.

Recovery Post

Download the Following. Both of the recoveries are the same, the second one is a direct download link for those who are lazy to make a new account etc etc lol. 

Must Do
You must have a Rooted Phone and you need to have BusyBox installed on your phone. To get root on your phone install this on your phone and select the root button. Then install the latest BusyBox, run it then press install. Also have at least 50% battery on your phone.

Step One
Extract the Rom file
Copy the apps, HTC_IME, and the Black----.zip from the rom folder to the root of your phones SD card.
At the same time place the xRecovery on your SD card as well, a place that you will remember to find later on.

Step 2
With a file manager find and install the recovery apk. Open the apk then hit "Install xRecovery".
The program will install the components on your phone, if you get a error please check the post for more information. This is the new version and it works, I had problems with the first version. 

Now Reboot Your Phone

When the 1st Sony Ericsson Logo appears keep on pressing the back button (works for me this way). You should now be in the recovery menu. To scroll up and down you use the volume keys. To select you use the middle (home button). To go back you use the (right) back button. 

Step 3
-Scroll down to "Install custom zip" the select it
-Scroll down to "Choose custom zip from sdcard" then select it 
-Find the rom zip on your SD card Select it then confirm to install

The flashing process was surprisingly quick. Mines took a few minutes to complete and the phone rebooted and I got the custom 2.1 firmware. As you can see this process is really really simple. 

Hope it helps, have fun. 

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Great news the 2.1 custom rom is now no longer a beta and everything is reported to work well. Great great great great news. Even better the code is now being ported to the 2.2 rom code as well.

Also I am sorry for the lack of posts in the last couple of days, I have been a bit busy with school and stuff. I am going to make some new posts regarding customization, and for sure once this rom is released I will make a post one it. I was going to get the 006 installed on my phone but for some reason I was unable to install the recovery on my phone, I wonder why. Once again sorry for the lack of posts. 

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Just to let you guys know that dial out loop issue with the X10 2.1 AOSP custom rom has been fixed. It is part of the new b006 firmware.

I will make a new post with full instructions and a little review as well. I already tried the ROM, and like everyone says it is fast.

 Here is the Post


Besides Video Playback and Camera Settings everything else seems to be working. I think that this rom is ready for daily use since the dial out loop if fixed.

-JIT is already applied to the ROM

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hubble Galaxy Wallpapers

A while while back XperiaX10iUser at XDA posted a link of some Hubble galaxy pictures. All resized to fit the X10 perfectly. All of the pictures are great to look at and are really cool as well, there is 48 in total. Not all of them are clear "HD", so I organized them and named the "HD" ones HDxxxxxxxxx.png. I am no super HD expert and I do not have superman vision but I rounded up the pictures that look clear and have the colors popping.

Here are some of my favourite = )

Friday, December 3, 2010

Xperia X10 Custom Recovery

The X10 XDA community and developers are churning out new mods and improvements every week. Recently "ZDZIHU" posted a custom recovery for the X10. Personally I am not a major expert on this stuff, but from all the videos I have seen on YouTube and all the threads I read online I think that this is another major step for the X10 community. Check it out at the link below. If you have a friend or if you are interested in buying a X10 I would recommended purchasing one, at the moment. I believe you can find them for cheap, here in Canada its around $250-ish, online (kijiji). With the custom roms available, good hardware, CONFIRMED MULTI TOUCH, screen, and much more its a great device.

-It was noted that the bootloader is still not cracked = (, but this is better than nothing = ) 
-Also if you guys have any knowledge in this development please comment ThAnKs AlOt

Free Dungeon Hunter

Hey guys Gameloft is giving away free copies of Dungeon Hunter. Just select your phone and your phone number here. This is for a limited time so do it quick.

Thanks Gameloft

Monday, November 29, 2010

New TypoClock

I already did a brief review of TypoClock you can find it here. But since then many new updates have appeared and the application is getting better and better. So I have the latest one, I believe it was version 0.48. I am not going to post a direct link since the app gets updated frequently and its free as well. Just type in TypoClock on the market.

The noticeable new features are the drop shadow and the size and color options. 

For the X10 this was the best configuration that would use a good portion of the screen without getting parts of the widget getting clipped. You CAN select 1.4 for the widget size but if you are going to use a drop shadow the shadow will get clipped at the bottom of the widget. 

If you like me and feel asleep in html class and forgot about hex color codes then heres a site to help you out. HEX COLORS

I just released this last Wednesday, that when you set the size above 1.2 Wednesday gets clipped off. So I guess the best fit is 1.2, not a big difference but its better than 1.0 lol. I wish if there was a set x set y feature for the app.

Hope it Helps

MedisScape Shortcut

For months now I have been playing around with many music applications. The one that really attracted me with MixZing player but eventually it kinda lost its touch with its generic design. After I re flashed my with 2.1 for the 10th time I gave up on installing all of my previous applications on my phone. So then I stuck with MediaScape, for a week now I have been using it for all of my mp3 needs. MediaScape is pretty good LOL, same quality and sound level as the stock 2.1 music player but looks really really good.

My favorite feature of MediaScape is that its all touch friendly, you hardly have to use the hardware buttons unless you want to exit the app.The only annoyances that I have with MediaScape it is laggy in the menus, and that you have to click into too many different screens to get the song that you want to play. 
  1. Have to wait for the home screen animation to load 
  2. Then you have to go to more 
  3. Then you have to swipe to "Tracks" which is a slow and laggy process
  4. Then you select your song
I found a easier way of getting the job done. Varies on how you do it but its all the same method whether you are using Any Cut, ADW/Shortcut/Activities, or Launcher Pro/Shortcut/Activities, etc. 

So to get directly to Tracks in MediaScape just open the activities menu, then find MediaScape, and make a home screen shortcut for  


This is what it looked like in Launcher Pro, the first box. 

Select it then if you want you can select a name for  it and then place anywhere on your home screen. So when you select it it should take you directly to the Tracks menu, if not then just swipe to Tracks, hit back, then open the shortcut again. You can also choose the other menus as well such as genres, artists, etc.

So far no problems and it works perfectly, I hope SE revamps the next version of MediaScape significantly, pretty sad thou they are the ones that invented WalkMan and the WalkMan brand phones.   

Hope it Helps 

Must Have Wallpaper Application

This is a issue that I noticed right away when I purchased my Xperia X10. The issue was that wallpapers come out distorted. Then I thought that it was a software issue (1.6 Limitations), then when I got 2.1 the issue was still there. But now there is a app that fixes this issue.

-Go to your market and download, Wallpaper Set and Save, install and open

-When you open the application select on set wallpaper

If your wallpapers are in a folder called wallpaper on your SD card then just set as default and select your picture

If not then select on settings/browse folders, select your folder, then save settings

Now you can select your picture, a cool feature is that you can swipe through pictures

Once you have selected your picture "Set Wallpaper"

The only problem that I have had with this application is that it wouldn't save your selected folder as the default. So every time you open the app you have to select your wallpaper folder again. Yeah its gonna kill a few seconds of your life, but who cares the app gets the job done lol.

Here are my results

Before with Banding

After with Wallpaper Set and Save, no more Banding!!

-The funny thing is I remember posting this issue on forums and stuff long time ago, and the responses that I got were "The X10 Screen doesn't support that many colors" "You need 2.1" etc etc. Well ha ha, LOL.  

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Custom 2.2 is Out

Just to let you guys know custom 2.2 is out. Check it out here. I will not be testing either the 2.1 or the 2.2 at the moment due to the fact that these firmwares are not solid. I believe that they are in alpha or a earlier stage in development so expect alot of good and alot of bad. 



Monday, November 22, 2010

Voice Search

Voice Search apk for 2.1. Everything works and integrates with the SE and the default Google search bars.

Place on SD Card and install

Voice Search

2.2 YouTube FIXED LINK

Title says it all, and yes it is better than the default one and it works well.

-You will need Root
-You will also need Titanium Backup
-You will need Root Explorer (I reccomed this application like I stated before its a time saver and makes modding easy)
-The new 2.2 YouTube.apk

1)First with Titanium find the YouTube.apk and uninstall it. It should be at the bottom of the list.

Reboot your phone

2)Open Root Explorer then enable R/W. Now place the new YouTube.apk on the root of your sd card 

3)With Root Explorer find the YouTube.apk then move it to /system/app folder

4)Then long press on the app then select permissions. Then tick it off in the following way
x  x

5)Now install it and it should install the application

6)If you want reboot your phone just to finalize everything. Now you see able to use the new YouTube application.

Modded Battery Indicator - Will not work on new firmwares -

So a few posts ago I posted a application that displays the battery and batter information as well. And it looked pretty cool as well. I found this mod on XDA that changes the default battery to the one below. I played around with several things and kinda messed up my phone. This one is solid and works wells.

-You need Root
-Download the file here

1)Extract the file
2)Place it on the root of your SD card

Now you can do this with a terminal on your phone or you can do it with a terminal on your pc both use the same line of code. I did it on my PC, just remember to enable USB Debugging and connect your phone.

Enter this (mount -o remount,rw -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock2 /system) without the ( )

Hit Enter

Then enter this (dd if=/sdcard/framework-res.apk of=/system/framework/framework-res.apk) with ( )

Hit Enter

You will see some lines of code then your phone will reboot

The reboot will take some time so wait a bit. Then you phone will boot and you will see the new battery indicator. Cool thing is that its more informative than the default one and it has some cool charging animation.

Hope it helps, if for any reason you mess up you can reflash or repair your phone.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

2.1 Default Gallery and Music App Shortcuts

Title says it all. I am kinda late on posting this but I highly recommend installing these. Also check out my previous post on the "full 3D gallery".

Gallery shortcut

Music shortcut

Full 3D Gallery

The default 3D gallery is pretty cool, functional, and full touch friendly. Thats the reason why I use it as my "main" picture app. Heres a little mod to make it fully "main". What I mean is that you can use it as your default to view pictures and you can videos as well. 

-You will need  a root phone 
-Download this file
-Have Root Explorer on your phone (makes your life easier)
-Titanium Backup

First uninstall system gallery (version 1.1.30682). If you can not find it then search for "com.cooliris.media.apk" and uninstall it. 

With Root Explorer 
1)Download the file and place it on the rot of your sd card
2)Open Root Explorer and when on the home screen on the application select "Mount R/W" on the top
3)Then select "sdcard"
4)Then find Gallary3D.apk
5)Long press on it, select "Permissions", then enable everything
6)Long press again then select "Move"
7)Then move the .apk to /system/app

Then select the app again and install. Now you should have the gallery application now to its full extent. So when you select wallpapers select gallery then in the popup select the gallery app again, then tick it as default if you want. For videos open the gallery app then select video then you will get pop up asking which app to open the video with. Select the gallery app and if you want you can tick it as default too. 

If you are going to use Terminal then follow these steps.
-Uninstall the gallery like before if you haven't
-Then place the downloaded .apk onto the root of you SD card.

adb push Gallery3D.apk /sdcard
adb shell
#dd if=/sdcard/Gallery3D.apk of=/system/app/Gallery3D.apk

Friday, November 19, 2010

Froyo custom Rom

Today I was on XDA and the Froyo section has been edited I think that this rom is going to be released soon. But those rom is in a early stage and does have a few bugs with it

Thursday, November 18, 2010

X10 News So Far

This is not new news but for those who do not know alot of great news has happened in the X10 world.

1)Custom rom have been developed and the 2.1 version is released as well. But beware there are some bugs and not all of the features work. You can download it here. Personally I am not going to download and install this until it is fully working. If you have nothing to loose try it out. I read around that it is very fast.
User Video Of Custom 2.1

2)SE released a video about how they will introduce multi-touch to the x10 in the beginning of 2011. I shall not explain any more, watch the video and it says it all. Please do me a favor and if you know someone that ditched the X10 because of the "lack of the multi-touch" please laugh at them LOL

When I heard this it wasn't a big deal but when I saw it a flash back of all the multi-touch posts ran in my head. I remember reading sooo many posts about how the hardware was thing and that, and how the screen digitizer and stuff is not capable. Well looks like the X10 is. I honestly feel happy that I didn't sell my X10, and I bet the value of it will increase as well.
Video of SE Multi-Touch

So its all great news for the X10, custom roms are coming out, keep an eye out for the Froyo one, and multi touch. I will update faster when new important events happen. Also X10 users dont worry about the new "X10 Replacement" the X10 will always be the best lol.

*Due to certain reasons I was unavailable to post this post when the news was fresh. I will try not to make this mistake again. 

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Saturday, November 13, 2010

How to make X10/Android Phone super fast UPDATED

Here is something that I stumbled apon while reading online. After trying it out I have to say it is a must do for the X10. On the market there is a application called AutoKiller. PLEASE Install this application if you want your x10 to be blazing fast, lol. Unlike a task manager this works within android.

-Go to your market and install AutoKiller

-After installing the application open it

-In the memory limits tab just enter
 Home app 150
 Content Provider 200
 Empty App 250

AutoKiller is more stable than the minfree... application and the values do not get changed when you reboot. You will significantly notice a different when you boot your phone. Once the application gets permissions your phone will be FAST.

You should notice an increase in speed. On my phone I always have at least 90 mb of free ram. Which is way better that the 30mb - 40mb i used to get. Apps open faster and operate faster as well. This is a great mod to do if you like to play games your on phone.

My Quadrant test with this and JIT 2.0 enabled was 716, with only JIT 2.0 it was 705. Not 750 but better than nothing. 

-This might stop TimeScape from auto updating, so if you use TimeScape I guess skip this
-For even more speed enable JIT 2.0 on your phone as well, check out that post here
-If you can not to get the new values saved "apply at boot" then hit "apply" as well then reboot
-Honestly I do not know what the numbers do but they made my phone fast. Please do not mess around with this app unless you know what you are doing. The app gives you a clear statement about this when you first open it up. Unless you want to spend an hour reflashing your phone and restoring your files by all means go for it lol. 

Automatic Brightness

Some people complained how the X10 2.1 update doesn't have automatic brightness. I found a quick fix for that, and it works for me.


Just go to your Market App and search for Spare Parts, by Android Apps.

Download, and install

Open the app then scroll all the way down and you will find "Brightness mode"

Select it and select "Automatic"

Reboot your phone and test it out. I put my phone in direct sunlight then took it out, I noticed that the brightness of the screen decreased. So I am assuming that it works now.

-Theres a few other options in the app that you can play around with.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

X10 Users Please Watch and Read

I know that we are all happy and a bit disappointed with the 2.1 update. Here is a video that will definitely raise some questions and cheer some people up.

YouTube Link

At the same time read this post as well.

I think that the linked are all self explanatory and I hope that they get released soon.



New 2.1 Rooting Option UPDATE NOV 11

Here is  a new easier way to root the X10 with 2.1, you do in 1 click. Much much much simpler than the SuperClick method. Just remember to have usb debugging enabled.
Link to APK


Here is the original posting, and check it out if you have any problems.

Monday, November 8, 2010

WiFi Enterprise Connection Update

Just to let you guys know now with the 2.1 update you can directly connect to a Enterprise WiFi. Just remember to select "Peap" for the EAP method, and "MSCHAPV2" for phase 2 authentication. I was surprised and happy that SE included this because they did not talk about it in the change log or their 2.1 videos, which is pretty stupid if you ask me. But if you are still using a secure wifi then I guess you should still use the WiFi config app you can find it here.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Samsung Ocean Waves Wallpaper

The Ocean Waves live wallpapers was one of the reasons why I wanted to get live wallpaper so badly. It just looks cool. I tried it out on my X10 and it works well. For best performance I turned off wallpaper scrolling in Launcher Pro, I believe you can do the same in other launchers as well except in the default X10 launcher. With the wallpaper scrolling disabled the phone and the wallpaper works well without any major noticeable lag. The wallpaper is fully interactive, you can swipe to create like a streak in the water and click to create a circle wave.

BUT there is one problem with the live wallpaper, sometimes when your in landscape and then click your home button the wallpaper becomes distorted. Meaning only half of the live wallpaper would show. This has happened me to a few times and is really annoying. In terms of battery usage, this does take a bit of juice to run but I guess thats only if your going to be playing with it for an hour. Overall its a good live wallpaper and is nice to look at and to show to others, if only the landscape issue can be fixed.

Download Link

Android 2.1 OPTIMISER Version 2

The OPTIMISER has been updated. The download link is below, and the instructions are the same. If you dont know how to use it look at this post. In this version the final quadrant result is around 700-740.

Friday, November 5, 2010


Okay jerpelea from XDA released a new android 2.1 OPTIMISER

You can download it here

The OPTIMISER does 4 things
-clean all junk applications
-enable JIT to boost performance
-zipalign and optimise all resources to get more speed...use with caution....may need to reflash
-still tesing nexus video drivers

The only thing that I did was step 2 which is the JIT performance boost, and it really does give you a boost. When I did quadrant I got 630 points, which is a major boost. I didn't do the other options because I am not fully satisfied on what they do, and I don't want to spend another hour re-flashing, and restoring my phone and files.

To do it you need to have a rooted 2.1 X10

Step One
-Have PC companion open
-Download and extract the file
-Then open the SuperClick folder and run SuperClick as admin
-Then click on shell root
-The steps are the same as the previous root procedure
-Connect your phone then click on charge, then click on usb debugging
-If it doesn't work then unplug, un tick, then plug and tick usb debugging again

Step Two
-Once you have shell root open the 2_jit_enabler.bat file
-Press any key
-You should see some lines of code and when finish your phone will turn off
-Then unplug your phone then start it up
-The initial boot will take a while so wait
-After boot your phone will come back to normal

Step Three
-Now run SuperClick as admin again
-Run the root procedure, click on root...........you should know the rest by now

Now you have JIT and Root. To test it out install quadrant to see your new benchmark, for me it was 630 but some people got 700. To test root open busybox and install it again. If busybox does not work uninstall it  then install from the market again.

If you want to do all the steps in the OPTIMISER do it the following way
-shell root in SuperOneClick
  -run step 1, phone reboots (take long time to wake up again be patient)
-shell root in SuperOneClick
  -run step 2, phone reboots (take long time to wake up again be patient)
-shell root in SuperOneClick
  -run step 3, phone reboots (take long time to wake up again be patient)
-shell root in SuperOneClick
  -run step 4, phone reboots (take long time to wake up again be patient)

If you get into any problem reflash you phone again with 2.1. I only did step 2 and it worked for me, I am not sure about the other steps but it is up to you. Like I said IF you get into any problems you can always reflash you phone. You can find that here.

-I saw some improvements in live wallpapers
-Opening apps was a bit quicker

X10 Root/App Cleanup

After I flashed my phone with 2.1 one thing that I noticed right away was the LAG.  It really got on my nerves. My best advise is to get root and uninstall all the unnecessary applications that YOU do not need.

Root App SuperClick
Must have PC companion and have connected your X10 to it once it once

Step 1
-So download SuperClick and extract it 
-Then run SuperOneClick.exe as administrator
-Click Root
-When it says waiting for device plug in your phone

Step 2
-On your phone you will get a popup select "charge"
-Then go to settings/applications/development/and check USB debugging 
-Now PC Companion will pop up and install the new drivers
-The SuperClick program will install the root in your phone
-Once everything is done you will get a pop up on your PC saying you phone has been rooted. 

-If you get a loop of actions with SuperClick and on your phone, take out the wire, untick usb debugging. Then tick usb debugging and then plug in your phone again. I had to do this is like 5 times to get it to work. So just keep on trying. 

After your phone has been rooted, open your market and install busybox, and install it. If that works that you have a fully rooted phone. 

-To uninstall applications that you do not need open the market and install Titanium Backup
-Open the app give it root permissions
-Then go to the Backup/Restore tab
-Let it load all the applications
-To uninstall a application that you do not need for example Moxiar Mail, click on it
-Then select un-install !
-The application is unstalled

I used this method to remove all the preinstalled applications that I didn't need some of the stuff I removed were 
When you are done reboot your phone, and you will notice your phone to be faster. Also you can install root applications like Barnacle Tether, check out that post here

2.1 Flashing For X10i and X10a

Sorry for the delay on the 2.1 post. Like I said before I wanted to wait for a solid method that will work on all X10'a without any bugs. After waiting and reading numerous posts online I am happy to say that the new method   works well. There are 1 or 2 little issues but its not really a big deal. Also this post may be a bit long. For those who already have 2.1, congrats.

Do the following first!!!!
Install your necessary Java Version 32 or 64
Install PC Companion AND run it once
Also if your a Win 7 (and I think vista) user disable  UAC - This is a must
-Reboot your machine!!
Have at least 50% or more battery, I prefer 100%

X10 Files
I used the X10 Global Firmware you can download it here

I am assuming that you have done all the Do the following first!!!! stuff so lets begin.

Step 1
-Download the firmware and extract it to your desktop
-Now in the firmware folder there is a DevID folder choose your OS and run the Device ID program. If that does not work try these methods. Method 1 Method 2
-Now turn off your phone remove the battery and put it back in again, do not turn on your phone

Step 2
-Now open the X10Flash.bat
-Select your OS for me its 32 bit windows 7 so its 3, then hit enter
-Now connect your phone in flash mode. Plug in the mini usb connector to your phone then hold the back button and insert the other end of the wire to your PC. Now in the CMD hit any key.
--Now if you see a bunch of coding lines you are good just wait a while until it says "hit any key to close" or something
--If you get some errors then you did something wrong. You probably have a
  -Not installed the X10 drivers
  -Not installed Java
  -Not followed the first do this steps
  -Wrong Device ID
  -Or commonly a bad usb port. Happened to me so I just changed USB ports and it worked

Step 3
-Now after the flashing is done remove the wire and the take out the battery for a few seconds
-Put it back in and turn on your phone
-Now the initial boot will take a while and you will see the Sony Ericsson and the SE logo and stuff
-Then you will see a camera with a arrow to a phone, your phone is not setting up this will take a while
-After thats done your phone will boot again and you will be presented with the 2.1 SE setup wizard
-After you finish that or skip that your done you have 2.1 : )

-2.1 is laggy best to go to the root post and delete preinstalled apps that YOU do not need
-For 10a users the 3G will appear as H, do not worry its all the same and it works good
-I would advise you to check out the root post as well

Please comment for any more info, I will try to answer them

Sunday, October 31, 2010

X10 2.1 !!Updated!!

Just to let you know X10 2.1 is finally released. If your on the Nordic firmware you can get it. If your really desperate for 2.1 then you can always flash your phone to a Nordic firmware.

Generic Nordic 2.1 Firmware 

Personally, I going to hold on my 026 rooted Donut for now. I seriously need the root. Lets hope the developers can get a root for the new 2.1 firmware quick.

A Root has been developed for the Nordic Firmware!! 
You can find it HERE. Some people have got it to work
while others couldn't. I will make a new root post once a universal 
solid method has been developed.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I am the type of guy that likes things that work and are not too fancy. All this time I had beautiful widgets and fancy widgets as my main clock/weather/shortcut launcher applications. But they were too "fancy". Now i have found this new cool clock application called TypoClock. Its a widget that displays the time and date in a nice minimum Zune like way, ..................it looks cool. The only options are to change the text color (black or white) and to change the time setting (12hr or 24hr). So far I have had this for 5 days and no problems what so ever. There is no flicker when the time/date changes and there is noticeable bugs so far. It gets the job done.

Out of 5 I would give it a 4/5, the one thing that I have against this app is that it is kinda toooo minimum. I wish it had some shortcut options like when you tap the clock it goes to alarm, or when you tap the date it goes to calender. Overall good app and a good one for the X10.

-Sometimes when you delete the widget and try to open it again it would not appear. To fix it open a task manger, find the app and kill it. For some reason it still runs when you delete it. 
-Like I said you can change the color of the font.
-You cannot change the size of the widget. what I did was change the aspect of ADW, by making the rows 6.

Circle Battery Indicator

This is a little mod/application that put on our devices. A few months ago I saw this post where the poster put up a mod where you get a circular battery meter that turned different colors for different battery conditions. The only problem that I had was that there was a bit too many steps, and I couldn't really get it to work fully. (computer, driver issues). Surprise Surprise now there is an app that does all the work.

So this is what likes on your status bar, and when you open your status bar you will get information on 
-how long the device has been unplugged
-battery health
-and the volts

I say it looks pretty neat and now its my default battery app. I give it a 5/5, i don't know theres something about it that makes it really cool. I have had this on my X10 for about 5 days and no problems so far. No battery drain force close or anything. Overall good app give it a try.

Must be rooted
It was also stated that you must run a non stock rom, but I didn't and it still works. 

If the application does not work please comment on this post, I will get a backup of the apk that I am using and upload it. 

Saturday, October 23, 2010

X10 Multi Touch

Hey guys I don't really follow up on the whole Multi Touch debate/issue, but you gotta look at this video. It cheered me up.

YouTube Link  

Video 2

HTC Launcher for X10

While looking around XDA a couple of days ago I stumbled upon this new cool launcher. Well its new new its ADW but with a HTC sense like skin on top of it. It was made by JAguirre1231, so all thanks to him.

As you can see the bottom part of the launcher looks like HTC, with 2 customizable buttons. The left one is your standard menu, the center one is used for and only for phone, since it says phone on it. The one on the right is for anything you choose. Overall this is pretty cool and a nice change for our devices as well. The only custom addon that comes with this app is a custom search widget, which has HTC on it! The only problems I had with this app is the menu button, its nothing major but a little annoyance. When you press the menu button it slides up and down. Its hard to explain but when you have it try it out and you will know what I mean. Like I said this is basically ADW with a HTC skin, so you also get all the cool features of ADW as well. The swipe to preview, more homescreens, etc. 

Overall this is a good mod and I would give it a 4/5. Reason is because installing and setting it up was a hassle in the beginning, and the menu button jumping problem. 

Before you begin
-Uninstall your ADW 
-And read the instructions first 

Things to Download

Assuming that you have uninstalled ADW, now download the HTC launcher version that you need and install it on your phone. For those who do not know how heres how. Download the launcher, mount your phone and place the launcher on your SD card in a folder where you will find it later. I put it in the "other" folder. If you don't have it make a new folder named "other" then. Then go to your market and download a file explorer like Astro, OI, or EStrong. Open the file explorer and find the other folder and then find the launcher app and install it. 

After you installed it press your home button and it will ask you to choose what home launcher you want. First check the box at the bottom then choose the HTC Sense launcher. Now your done.............Joking 

If you look at the bottom you will notice that you can see icons on top of the phone and right button. To hide this first download the New Icons and put them in your "other" folder. Now do the following 

For the Phone Button
-Long press on the home button 
-Custom shortcut
-Pick your activity
Now click on the icon in the custom shortcut screen
-Select Picture 
Now scroll and look for two black boxes. Those are the transparent icons that you put you in your other folder before. Now select one of the boxes. Now when you go back to the custom shortcut menu you will see that the dialer icon is now transparent. 
-Press okay
Now this is the hard part. You will have to press around to find the app on your homescreen. Since its transparent you wont see it. What i did was open the shortcuts widget and go row by row to find the widget. Where ever I couldn't place the widget I knew that thats where the icon was. Once you find it select it then drag it to the phone button. Now when you press the Phone button it will go to the dialer app. Same process for the right button, I choose the Chomp app, for quick sms. 

Have fun. 

Sunday, October 10, 2010

SE Japen Home/Screen Lock Application

The AmbientTime Home, nothing new  but for those who want to know more and for those who don't know read on. So recently the great SE Japan release a new home launcher for the X10. This has a custom home launcher and a lock screen. 

In terms of the home launcher at first glance it is pretty cool. The background wallpaper is animated, and it basically makes your phone look like a lava lamp. In term of looks I would give it a 5/5. Why cause it makes our X10 look pretty cool. It somehow matches the whole phone.

In terms of function I would give it a 4/5. To begin with it comes with 5 home screen panels, and you can add more icons and widgets since it has been re-sized. At the bottom there is a triangle and you can use it to quickly swipe through the different home screens. Another functional gimmick is that say your on the far left screen and you want to get the far right screen, instead of swiping right you can swipe left and it will take you the the far right screen, its looped. The drawer is nothing fancy but the best feature of it is that you can arrange the icon order and uninstall apps within the drawer. 

Now to get the custom lock screen you must disable the pattern lock then enable the custom lock screen in the ambient home settings. Now at first launch this is appear laggy, but after it will work a bit better. I really like this lock screen like I said before it matches with the phone. The one thing i do not like is the stupid blog thing at the bottom you use to swipe up to unlock the phone. Its lags the phone and it looks weird. I would give it a 3/5.

Overall I would give it a 3/5, but wait there is more.

Besides all the lag there is one major issue that really ticked me off and made me uninstall this launcher. In the home screens when you add widgets it cuts them off. -_- except for the search bar. Unless you do not use widgets then I guess this would not be a problem but if you do it will be a problem, it was for me. 

My final verdict is this a good app and is probably the best thing that has come out of SE for the X10. When compared to Creatouch this is 100 times better. But as a permanent home launcher its really 50/50 depends on your phone use. There is a little lag once in a while but it is not really that annoying unlike the widgets problem. So if you have widgets do not use this. If you want something that looks cool then go ahead install it and see how it goes. 
-You can choose to have the Ambient Lock Screen on or off
-When you are in the lock screen tap on the screen to change the color of the flowing circles 
-Also after installing reboot your phone
-Lets hope SE Japan churns out more USEFUL applications like this in the future : )