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Sunday, October 31, 2010

X10 2.1 !!Updated!!

Just to let you know X10 2.1 is finally released. If your on the Nordic firmware you can get it. If your really desperate for 2.1 then you can always flash your phone to a Nordic firmware.

Generic Nordic 2.1 Firmware 

Personally, I going to hold on my 026 rooted Donut for now. I seriously need the root. Lets hope the developers can get a root for the new 2.1 firmware quick.

A Root has been developed for the Nordic Firmware!! 
You can find it HERE. Some people have got it to work
while others couldn't. I will make a new root post once a universal 
solid method has been developed.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I am the type of guy that likes things that work and are not too fancy. All this time I had beautiful widgets and fancy widgets as my main clock/weather/shortcut launcher applications. But they were too "fancy". Now i have found this new cool clock application called TypoClock. Its a widget that displays the time and date in a nice minimum Zune like way, ..................it looks cool. The only options are to change the text color (black or white) and to change the time setting (12hr or 24hr). So far I have had this for 5 days and no problems what so ever. There is no flicker when the time/date changes and there is noticeable bugs so far. It gets the job done.

Out of 5 I would give it a 4/5, the one thing that I have against this app is that it is kinda toooo minimum. I wish it had some shortcut options like when you tap the clock it goes to alarm, or when you tap the date it goes to calender. Overall good app and a good one for the X10.

-Sometimes when you delete the widget and try to open it again it would not appear. To fix it open a task manger, find the app and kill it. For some reason it still runs when you delete it. 
-Like I said you can change the color of the font.
-You cannot change the size of the widget. what I did was change the aspect of ADW, by making the rows 6.

Circle Battery Indicator

This is a little mod/application that put on our devices. A few months ago I saw this post where the poster put up a mod where you get a circular battery meter that turned different colors for different battery conditions. The only problem that I had was that there was a bit too many steps, and I couldn't really get it to work fully. (computer, driver issues). Surprise Surprise now there is an app that does all the work.

So this is what likes on your status bar, and when you open your status bar you will get information on 
-how long the device has been unplugged
-battery health
-and the volts

I say it looks pretty neat and now its my default battery app. I give it a 5/5, i don't know theres something about it that makes it really cool. I have had this on my X10 for about 5 days and no problems so far. No battery drain force close or anything. Overall good app give it a try.

Must be rooted
It was also stated that you must run a non stock rom, but I didn't and it still works. 

If the application does not work please comment on this post, I will get a backup of the apk that I am using and upload it. 

Saturday, October 23, 2010

X10 Multi Touch

Hey guys I don't really follow up on the whole Multi Touch debate/issue, but you gotta look at this video. It cheered me up.

YouTube Link  

Video 2

HTC Launcher for X10

While looking around XDA a couple of days ago I stumbled upon this new cool launcher. Well its new new its ADW but with a HTC sense like skin on top of it. It was made by JAguirre1231, so all thanks to him.

As you can see the bottom part of the launcher looks like HTC, with 2 customizable buttons. The left one is your standard menu, the center one is used for and only for phone, since it says phone on it. The one on the right is for anything you choose. Overall this is pretty cool and a nice change for our devices as well. The only custom addon that comes with this app is a custom search widget, which has HTC on it! The only problems I had with this app is the menu button, its nothing major but a little annoyance. When you press the menu button it slides up and down. Its hard to explain but when you have it try it out and you will know what I mean. Like I said this is basically ADW with a HTC skin, so you also get all the cool features of ADW as well. The swipe to preview, more homescreens, etc. 

Overall this is a good mod and I would give it a 4/5. Reason is because installing and setting it up was a hassle in the beginning, and the menu button jumping problem. 

Before you begin
-Uninstall your ADW 
-And read the instructions first 

Things to Download

Assuming that you have uninstalled ADW, now download the HTC launcher version that you need and install it on your phone. For those who do not know how heres how. Download the launcher, mount your phone and place the launcher on your SD card in a folder where you will find it later. I put it in the "other" folder. If you don't have it make a new folder named "other" then. Then go to your market and download a file explorer like Astro, OI, or EStrong. Open the file explorer and find the other folder and then find the launcher app and install it. 

After you installed it press your home button and it will ask you to choose what home launcher you want. First check the box at the bottom then choose the HTC Sense launcher. Now your done.............Joking 

If you look at the bottom you will notice that you can see icons on top of the phone and right button. To hide this first download the New Icons and put them in your "other" folder. Now do the following 

For the Phone Button
-Long press on the home button 
-Custom shortcut
-Pick your activity
Now click on the icon in the custom shortcut screen
-Select Picture 
Now scroll and look for two black boxes. Those are the transparent icons that you put you in your other folder before. Now select one of the boxes. Now when you go back to the custom shortcut menu you will see that the dialer icon is now transparent. 
-Press okay
Now this is the hard part. You will have to press around to find the app on your homescreen. Since its transparent you wont see it. What i did was open the shortcuts widget and go row by row to find the widget. Where ever I couldn't place the widget I knew that thats where the icon was. Once you find it select it then drag it to the phone button. Now when you press the Phone button it will go to the dialer app. Same process for the right button, I choose the Chomp app, for quick sms. 

Have fun. 

Sunday, October 10, 2010

SE Japen Home/Screen Lock Application

The AmbientTime Home, nothing new  but for those who want to know more and for those who don't know read on. So recently the great SE Japan release a new home launcher for the X10. This has a custom home launcher and a lock screen. 

In terms of the home launcher at first glance it is pretty cool. The background wallpaper is animated, and it basically makes your phone look like a lava lamp. In term of looks I would give it a 5/5. Why cause it makes our X10 look pretty cool. It somehow matches the whole phone.

In terms of function I would give it a 4/5. To begin with it comes with 5 home screen panels, and you can add more icons and widgets since it has been re-sized. At the bottom there is a triangle and you can use it to quickly swipe through the different home screens. Another functional gimmick is that say your on the far left screen and you want to get the far right screen, instead of swiping right you can swipe left and it will take you the the far right screen, its looped. The drawer is nothing fancy but the best feature of it is that you can arrange the icon order and uninstall apps within the drawer. 

Now to get the custom lock screen you must disable the pattern lock then enable the custom lock screen in the ambient home settings. Now at first launch this is appear laggy, but after it will work a bit better. I really like this lock screen like I said before it matches with the phone. The one thing i do not like is the stupid blog thing at the bottom you use to swipe up to unlock the phone. Its lags the phone and it looks weird. I would give it a 3/5.

Overall I would give it a 3/5, but wait there is more.

Besides all the lag there is one major issue that really ticked me off and made me uninstall this launcher. In the home screens when you add widgets it cuts them off. -_- except for the search bar. Unless you do not use widgets then I guess this would not be a problem but if you do it will be a problem, it was for me. 

My final verdict is this a good app and is probably the best thing that has come out of SE for the X10. When compared to Creatouch this is 100 times better. But as a permanent home launcher its really 50/50 depends on your phone use. There is a little lag once in a while but it is not really that annoying unlike the widgets problem. So if you have widgets do not use this. If you want something that looks cool then go ahead install it and see how it goes. 
-You can choose to have the Ambient Lock Screen on or off
-When you are in the lock screen tap on the screen to change the color of the flowing circles 
-Also after installing reboot your phone
-Lets hope SE Japan churns out more USEFUL applications like this in the future : )