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Saturday, October 23, 2010

HTC Launcher for X10

While looking around XDA a couple of days ago I stumbled upon this new cool launcher. Well its new new its ADW but with a HTC sense like skin on top of it. It was made by JAguirre1231, so all thanks to him.

As you can see the bottom part of the launcher looks like HTC, with 2 customizable buttons. The left one is your standard menu, the center one is used for and only for phone, since it says phone on it. The one on the right is for anything you choose. Overall this is pretty cool and a nice change for our devices as well. The only custom addon that comes with this app is a custom search widget, which has HTC on it! The only problems I had with this app is the menu button, its nothing major but a little annoyance. When you press the menu button it slides up and down. Its hard to explain but when you have it try it out and you will know what I mean. Like I said this is basically ADW with a HTC skin, so you also get all the cool features of ADW as well. The swipe to preview, more homescreens, etc. 

Overall this is a good mod and I would give it a 4/5. Reason is because installing and setting it up was a hassle in the beginning, and the menu button jumping problem. 

Before you begin
-Uninstall your ADW 
-And read the instructions first 

Things to Download

Assuming that you have uninstalled ADW, now download the HTC launcher version that you need and install it on your phone. For those who do not know how heres how. Download the launcher, mount your phone and place the launcher on your SD card in a folder where you will find it later. I put it in the "other" folder. If you don't have it make a new folder named "other" then. Then go to your market and download a file explorer like Astro, OI, or EStrong. Open the file explorer and find the other folder and then find the launcher app and install it. 

After you installed it press your home button and it will ask you to choose what home launcher you want. First check the box at the bottom then choose the HTC Sense launcher. Now your done.............Joking 

If you look at the bottom you will notice that you can see icons on top of the phone and right button. To hide this first download the New Icons and put them in your "other" folder. Now do the following 

For the Phone Button
-Long press on the home button 
-Custom shortcut
-Pick your activity
Now click on the icon in the custom shortcut screen
-Select Picture 
Now scroll and look for two black boxes. Those are the transparent icons that you put you in your other folder before. Now select one of the boxes. Now when you go back to the custom shortcut menu you will see that the dialer icon is now transparent. 
-Press okay
Now this is the hard part. You will have to press around to find the app on your homescreen. Since its transparent you wont see it. What i did was open the shortcuts widget and go row by row to find the widget. Where ever I couldn't place the widget I knew that thats where the icon was. Once you find it select it then drag it to the phone button. Now when you press the Phone button it will go to the dialer app. Same process for the right button, I choose the Chomp app, for quick sms. 

Have fun. 

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