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Friday, September 17, 2010

WiFi Enterprise Connection UPDATE WITH QR LINK

Hey guys as you guys may already know our X10's can not connect to enterprise wifi's. There is no proper settings in the default wifi settings. This makes us unable to connect for the user to connect to Offices and University Campus's. Wi-Fi helper is not help it just mess's up out wifi config, and I dont really want to pay for wifi config editor pro :P. I have suffering 5 months until now. Now theres a new application called Wifi Advanced Config Editor by Marcus905.

Unfortunately the app is kinda of bare bones with no proper instructions, BUT regarding this issue I dont give it works and I found out how to use it lol.

First install it. If for any reason you can not find the app just comment and I'll link it.

Second now supposing that your at your wifi enterprise location, in this case a campus. Go to your wifi settings and try to connect to it. Just leave all the settings normal. The phone will scan, try to connect, then it will disconnect.

Now open Wifi Advanced Config Editor and wait a few seconds or a minute for the wifi connection to appear. Once it appear select it.

Now scroll down and select Enterprise Configuration.

Now this is how I got it to work.

-For EAP select PEAP

-For Phase2 select MSCHAP2

-Identity put your id. In my case my student id

-For password put your password. In my case I entered the password I use to connect to my campus's server.

Now press the back button and then press the home button. Now go to the wifi connection settings. Now your phone will try and connect to the wifi connection, and it will connect. Hope it helps.

Open your Barcode Scanner and scan this barcode it should direct you to the app in the marketplace
-Depending on your wifi connection you MAY have to enter in different information, but this is like the typical config.


  1. I'm desperatly trying to find this application as a .apk file or anything to install it but I CAN'T FIND IT ANYWHERE!!! :(( I'm going MAD!
    I even rooted my x10 mini so I could install market enabler so I could change my market to allow other regions and I still can't find it!!
    Can anyone PLEASE share the apk file so I can install it using Astro??

    Thank you

  2. Thanks for the tip. I've just downloaded the app and I'll try it out tomorrow at university

  3. Thanks for the info, but i can't conect, when i change the settings for de WPA-EAP and go back dosen't connect, and when i enter again to the configuration menu i have to put them all again, do you know why does this happens, and how can i fix it?

  4. To Arlette, yes I know what you mean. What I did was change the enterprise settings then press back then pressed home. I then looked at my notifications and the phone picked up the wifi. To be honest it is really hard in helping people with this app, cause it does not have specific instructions. All the instructions I posted were done by me so yeh. Just try it a few times in different ways and hopefully it should work. Or you are probably missing further info for your wifi.

  5. Rakash, this has been really helpful. I have connected my phone at a university in Ottawa, Canada. I have one issue though, once I enter in my info, it connects. But the next time I want to go online, I have to go through the whole process again. Do you have that same issue, is there a way to almost save info within the Advanced Wifi Config Editor or do you also re-enter the info everytime you want to access the internet?

  6. It actually connects automatically now! Thank you so much!

  7. Hey Lalit Golani, Iam happy that its helps you. Yeh I had that problem too in the beginning then it stopped. I emailed the developer to make the app more user friendly, still waiting on reply. Our X10's are pretty good phones once the wifi works :P

  8. from where 2 download this software,,unable to run internet in my xperia x10

  9. plz plz someone tell the download link

  10. Nishant I added a QR code to it. So go to your market and download barcode scanner. Then scan the barcode with the app. Then it will ask you to select your browser, select your browser and it will direct you to the marketplace. Download and install the app.

    Just to let you know 2.1 already has Enterprise built in.

  11. I have managed to connect to our Enterprise WIFI connection with WifiACE, but now I need to set up a proxy with authentication. Any idea on how to do this??

  12. Hey Johannes, sorry I have no experience in that stuff.

  13. Thank you very much. I struggled in different forums, but with this post and Wifi Config Edit Pro, I could connect to WPA2 Enterprise (n/w that doesn't broadscast)

  14. pls help me. iam about 2m away from a router. but why my x10 could not detect the wi fi