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Friday, September 17, 2010

Bar Control / Notification Shortcuts

In this video you can see that Samsung Android phones have a pretty cool useful notifications bar. In the notifications bar there is shortcuts to typical settings like wifi, etc. Well the X10 doesn't so heres a quick easy to get it. It may not look at pretty as the touchwiz version but it does the job and does not consume battery, well I didn't see a difference.

So the application is called Bar Control, download and install it, and open it.

Now after the applications are loaded press the menu button and you will get the options that you see above. This app lists all the applications on your phone even phone settings like wifi, and mobile networks, but they will appear in doubles. So just play around to see what each one does.

To select a app for example Advanced Task Killer, all you have to do is select it and then choose a icon from the ones displayed. Due to limitations you can only select those icons. Now Advanced Task Killer (the app you chose) is displayed on the notifications bar. To remove a specific app just go back to the app list and select it again. To remove all just hit "clear notifications". You can also arrange the placement of the icons with the "show app first/last" option, and also choose to hide them when the notification bar is closed. When you open it you will see the icons.

So heres how I arranged my apps
LED Light- for a quick flash light
Advanced Task Manager- For quick task killing
Gesture Search- For quick searches
 Hope its helps

-Do not overload will too much apps, it will turn messy and might bog down the phone when opening the notification bar.
-Also if you have a task killer "ignore" Bar Control. If you don't the next time you "kill all" the shortcuts will get killed as well.
-This does not use battery, well it didn't in my testing

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