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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Circle Battery Indicator

This is a little mod/application that put on our devices. A few months ago I saw this post where the poster put up a mod where you get a circular battery meter that turned different colors for different battery conditions. The only problem that I had was that there was a bit too many steps, and I couldn't really get it to work fully. (computer, driver issues). Surprise Surprise now there is an app that does all the work.

So this is what likes on your status bar, and when you open your status bar you will get information on 
-how long the device has been unplugged
-battery health
-and the volts

I say it looks pretty neat and now its my default battery app. I give it a 5/5, i don't know theres something about it that makes it really cool. I have had this on my X10 for about 5 days and no problems so far. No battery drain force close or anything. Overall good app give it a try.

Must be rooted
It was also stated that you must run a non stock rom, but I didn't and it still works. 

If the application does not work please comment on this post, I will get a backup of the apk that I am using and upload it. 

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