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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I am the type of guy that likes things that work and are not too fancy. All this time I had beautiful widgets and fancy widgets as my main clock/weather/shortcut launcher applications. But they were too "fancy". Now i have found this new cool clock application called TypoClock. Its a widget that displays the time and date in a nice minimum Zune like way, ..................it looks cool. The only options are to change the text color (black or white) and to change the time setting (12hr or 24hr). So far I have had this for 5 days and no problems what so ever. There is no flicker when the time/date changes and there is noticeable bugs so far. It gets the job done.

Out of 5 I would give it a 4/5, the one thing that I have against this app is that it is kinda toooo minimum. I wish it had some shortcut options like when you tap the clock it goes to alarm, or when you tap the date it goes to calender. Overall good app and a good one for the X10.

-Sometimes when you delete the widget and try to open it again it would not appear. To fix it open a task manger, find the app and kill it. For some reason it still runs when you delete it. 
-Like I said you can change the color of the font.
-You cannot change the size of the widget. what I did was change the aspect of ADW, by making the rows 6.

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