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Sunday, October 31, 2010

X10 2.1 !!Updated!!

Just to let you know X10 2.1 is finally released. If your on the Nordic firmware you can get it. If your really desperate for 2.1 then you can always flash your phone to a Nordic firmware.

Generic Nordic 2.1 Firmware 

Personally, I going to hold on my 026 rooted Donut for now. I seriously need the root. Lets hope the developers can get a root for the new 2.1 firmware quick.

A Root has been developed for the Nordic Firmware!! 
You can find it HERE. Some people have got it to work
while others couldn't. I will make a new root post once a universal 
solid method has been developed.

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  1. Fine app for android thanks for the tip I am already experimenting in my Xperia x10 and perfect
    a work in very nice.