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Thursday, December 30, 2010

NEW JIT Version 2

Here is a new and improved version of the JIT Enabler. It is reported that it doubles the Linpack score and improves the X10's performance overall. I would recommended installing. The instructions are the same as before. You save the JIT zip on the root of your SD card and then reboot into xRecovery. Install as custom zip and then reboot.


So  I installed this and I have no problems so far. My WiFi is working like normal as well. After I reboot my phone it took some time to get to my home screen, I would say that it took like 2 minutes. So do not panic just give it some time. Now for the numbers,..... I did a Quadrant test right away and my result was 753, which is surprising for me because my phone is packed and fully modded. So download quick and install this mod before 2011, LOL  


  1. I am tracking ur blog from quiet a long time...Although u r not getting comments on it, still continue the good work..eventually people will start appreciating ur post. The best thing is u always try to explain things in a very practical manner and that sort outs many issues. Personally I like ur blog for clear tutorials on ur blog. All the best.

  2. Hey im not able to start y phone in xrecovery mode iv tried pressing back key after 1st logo but reboot normally. I am trying the other way..the easy way (1 u have posted on ur blog )lets see..

  3. Keep me posted I will try to figure it out. Is xRecovery installed properly?

  4. k used x10 mod app to push files but it didn't work until i pushed the gingerflip framwork ?? WTF? oh well backup up and then upgrading to new jit!!!

  5. No use the recovery for installation not the xmod

  6. well after 2 weeks here are the results:
    rebooted on its own several time on the first day.

    linpack score doubled from 13-14 --> 30
    quadrant - 660 --> 787

    these are all averages.

    i also use setcpu to max out the processor.

    thanks for the tips rakash but i used the xmod to push the xrecovery files into the right folders so i could use xRecovery to install the JIT. keep up the good work man!!

  7. Hey JAQ those are some impressive numbers. Also just keep in mind that when you tweak with the CPU you can limit the life and over heat the phone. But it seems to me that you know what your doing.

  8. Hey JAQ check out the Dual Touch post.