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Friday, December 24, 2010

Xperia X10 Update 2.0.2A.024 UPDATED

Recently SE has released a new firmware for the X10. It has been reported it "fixes" the dreadful in call volume. Great timing now I can hear my friends and family when they wish me for the holidays and new years lol. On XperiaX10Blog it was reported that there is a new keyboard, improvements in TimeScape and MediaScape, and overall phone functions. Some say that SE just released this to patch rageagainstthecage, since there is a new baseband and kernal.

But it was also noted that there is no root, which is a big blow.

BUT zdzihu over at XDA posted a new generic firmware that is pre-rooted AND comes preinstalled with xRecovery. Which is great and is a big time saver.

Generic 2.0.2A.024
Sin Loader
Latest Flasher

Normally I would write a step by step process of a mod but this mod does have a few quirks at the moment. So I am going to wait for it to get a solid and a more easier method of installation. You can still do it and I have linked all the necessary files to save you some time. I have also linked some of the posts in the thread that might be helpful.  

JIT  Note that it is reported that WiFi does not work after JIT was enabled 
Instructions 4


The Changelog soo far, doesn't really seem worth it in my opinion. 
Changelog List:
1- Incall volume is the same as previous
2-Fells faster overall
3-Nothing about Multitouch.
4-Unlock animation is more fluid and more responsive
5-the keyboard is now white and grey, like to HTC


  1. Damn! I went into updating my phone with this new firmware without reading your blog, and how I regret it now. My Z4 can't root the phone anymore and I agree that the mods are very confusing at the moment..

    Timescape is back on my phone, something which I really dread. Hopefully something can be done..

  2. Hey Stephenus you can still flash your phone with the previous flashing methods.

  3. Will it be rooted anytime soon ?
    cuz reflashing my phone and reinstalling apps is really boring