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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Windows Phone 7 Launcher Icons

As I was searching for icons I found this great files that has circular Windows Phone 7 icons. I find them pretty cool and there is alot of from from the typical call, contacts, web to Acrobat reader and weather. So download the zip extract then place it on your SD card and depending on your launcher just select custom icons and choose the ones that you like.

I am using launcher pro so I can only change the dock icons and that was easy to do, long press a dock icon then select change icon/custom icon/for me it open my gallery and then I select the icon that I like. 

This is how my home screen looks like. I have weather, phone dialer, app drawer, text messages, then email.

-The time widget is called TypoClock check out my previous post on it for full info

Hope it helps and enjoy. 

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