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Thursday, December 16, 2010

X10 AOSP 007 Final 2.1

Okay guys this is the "final rom" for the AOSP 2.1 project. Since the process was soo easy and quick I was unable to get screen shots of it. But I am confident that anyone can do this rom flash it is that easy and simple. Once again thanks to the developers over at XDA.

Recovery Post

Download the Following. Both of the recoveries are the same, the second one is a direct download link for those who are lazy to make a new account etc etc lol. 

Must Do
You must have a Rooted Phone and you need to have BusyBox installed on your phone. To get root on your phone install this on your phone and select the root button. Then install the latest BusyBox, run it then press install. Also have at least 50% battery on your phone.

Step One
Extract the Rom file
Copy the apps, HTC_IME, and the Black----.zip from the rom folder to the root of your phones SD card.
At the same time place the xRecovery on your SD card as well, a place that you will remember to find later on.

Step 2
With a file manager find and install the recovery apk. Open the apk then hit "Install xRecovery".
The program will install the components on your phone, if you get a error please check the post for more information. This is the new version and it works, I had problems with the first version. 

Now Reboot Your Phone

When the 1st Sony Ericsson Logo appears keep on pressing the back button (works for me this way). You should now be in the recovery menu. To scroll up and down you use the volume keys. To select you use the middle (home button). To go back you use the (right) back button. 

Step 3
-Scroll down to "Install custom zip" the select it
-Scroll down to "Choose custom zip from sdcard" then select it 
-Find the rom zip on your SD card Select it then confirm to install

The flashing process was surprisingly quick. Mines took a few minutes to complete and the phone rebooted and I got the custom 2.1 firmware. As you can see this process is really really simple. 

Hope it helps, have fun. 

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