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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Droid X IME

After I got dual touch enabled on my phone I searched around for the Droid X IME. I got it working on my phone but there are some issues.

1)Key letters/symbols/numbers are small
2)The multi touch works but it is not 100% accurate
3)It replaces the default Android IME (but you can get it back thou)

If you want to just try it out for fun follow these steps.

First download this file

Then rename the file to LatinIME.apk

Then open X10 Mod Tool and navigate to /system/app/

In that folder search for LatinIME.apk and PULL it. Now you have a back up of the default Android IME.

Now select the Droid X Latin IME and PUSH it to the /system/app/ folder

Now with root explorer navigate to /system/app/ select LatinIME.apk and install it

Now go to any text input application, open up the "Select Input Method" screen and select the multi touch keyboard. 

You Are Done = ) 

Now if you want to get your default Android keyboard back just copy paste the LatinIME.apk from the backup folder in X10 Mod Tool and do the steps all over again. 

Push file
Install File
Select Input Method

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