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Monday, January 3, 2011

SiMi Folder

I found another great application from SiMi. This one is called SiMi Folder. It lets you place folder widgets on your homescreen BUT gives your full control on the look and the use of the folder. You can change the look of the folder icon and easily organize the contents as well. When you start it up it does take some time to understand the navigation and how to use it overall. But after a few minutes it is all straight forward. After you set eveything up you will get your folder widget. by pressing on it you will get a "Phone book" like scrolling bar to select your app/(soon to come contacts and bookmarks).

So far I have no lag, fc, or any issues. This app is great and works well. Even with alot of apps running the scrolling works well. As you can see you can add your own icons as well. With this app I have minimized my homescreens from 5 to 3 lol. 

Try it out 
Simi Folder Widget by hateman


  1. whats that widget with wifi,3g,volume, battery, etc

  2. That is called Switch Pro Widget