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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Little Update

I understand that its been almost 6 days since I have made a new post. I started off the new year with a nice flu so I have been down for a week now. If you have the flu I suggest you try Tylenol Day and Time, it helped me.

Recently there haven't been any major developments in the X10 community. SE said that the X10 would not receive the 2.2 update.

A new custom 2.1 version 8b was released. So check it out here. This version has improved stability.

You guys probably heard about the new firmwares soon to be released for the X10 that included "multi-touch", or thats what they say. We shall know once it is released.

**I am going to make like a new section for X10 themes hopefully I will get it finished by this week


  1. thanks for your blog. has helped me understand and customize my phone more that i though. take care and try lots of vitamin C!!

  2. hello Anonymous, are you taking about the custom rom? If so all you have to do is download/extract/plug into flash mode/ and your done.