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Friday, January 14, 2011

Jerpelea's HTC Sense Custom ROM !!!!

Jerpelea has done it again, yesterday he posted a new thread where he has ported the HTC Bravo rom to the X10. This port is not fully complete, and there needs to be some work on the Wifi, Bluetooth, Vibration, and the Notification LED. There may be other problems as well, so this is not a everyday rom, yet. I would advise to keep a eye on this thread and try it out. Once a stable version is released I would try it out and I really want to try out the HTC weather widget. Yes, even thought Fancy Widgets is 95% identical, nothing beats the original lol.

Much Thanks to Jerpelea 

Original Thread - Keep track of this thread 


  1. looks like TripNRaVer has also released a MIUI ROM and close to releasing a CYANOGEN ROM ported to the X10 over at XDA Developers!!!!!!!

    Things are getting good for the X10!!!
    Thank you Jereplea, Zdhizu, Trip!!!!!

    Best regards,

  2. Is this HTC Sense can work genuine? Like automatic time update in a foreign country, can have hands free on GPS, find lost phone on HTC and flip to mute function

  3. A is it real or a just another HTC Sense theme. Hope is real HTC Sense as stated above and would give a big thanks for your answers. :)

  4. wowieee... content was deleted in hotfile.com :(