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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

X10 Arc

Hey guys I recently read up on this site about the new Sony Ericsson Arc. To be 100% honest I kinda felt like crap in a way. Like the X10 was a mistake and that I was a test dummy for the SE. The device does look pretty nice, I mean by aesthetics. I am not really into the whole "super thin" idea but everything else looks nice. I definitely like the "metal" wrap around deign thing, like the Iphone 4. Besides that I really didn't care about the phone. Also the speaker is at the back and theres a extra  mic at the back too. So I am assuming that equals better speaker (more sound), and better call quality.

Looking at the pictures seems that the new firmware looks widget friendly. Theres a new media app, scrolling gallery app, and a MediaScape bar. Hopefully we will get that and rooted for our X10's soon.

Honestly I am not in the mood nor the financial position to dump my X10 and get the new one, but the Arc does look pretty nice. What do you guys think ??


  1. it just looks so sexy .. and the specs (unofficial) are very promising (X led screen, HDMI,Android 2.3, etc ..), but i wonder if it will be released any time soon in 2011, in the end it's SE

  2. but hese dont have wifi terthring wich is now very comman in all androd phone as i seen in the vedio but may be it get by the update

  3. I guess you can use barnacle. But overall compared to the competition SE Arc is still behind in the game.

  4. viens de l'avoir c'est un pure merveille cet arc ,gommé tous les défauts du x10,et un look d'enfer