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In 2011

Thursday, January 6, 2011

framework-res.apk With Flip Animations

Hey guys I modded the framework-res.apks for the Gingerbread framework and the default 2.1 with the battery mod framework, with the flip window animation. The video will show you what the flip animation is like. Its like the animation found on the Nokia 5800 and looks pretty cool, and is pleasing to look at.

Download which one you like and then use the X10 Mod tool to push it to your phone. For more help just follow the instructions here

With a fully modded X10 with JIT and stuff it was kind of hard to notice the animations, my phone was that fast. So I downloaded Spare Parts then set the animation(s) to slow.



  1. looks like the ginger flip still has the batt mod :( it undid my batt mod and messed up simi folder. good thing i back up my framework.. i'll try it out and c which i like better.

    thanks for the blog !!!

  2. Yeh the ginger version does not have a battery indicator. Still looking around for one. I still use the ginger one, and then I use switch pro as my battery widget.