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Monday, November 22, 2010

2.2 YouTube FIXED LINK

Title says it all, and yes it is better than the default one and it works well.

-You will need Root
-You will also need Titanium Backup
-You will need Root Explorer (I reccomed this application like I stated before its a time saver and makes modding easy)
-The new 2.2 YouTube.apk

1)First with Titanium find the YouTube.apk and uninstall it. It should be at the bottom of the list.

Reboot your phone

2)Open Root Explorer then enable R/W. Now place the new YouTube.apk on the root of your sd card 

3)With Root Explorer find the YouTube.apk then move it to /system/app folder

4)Then long press on the app then select permissions. Then tick it off in the following way
x  x

5)Now install it and it should install the application

6)If you want reboot your phone just to finalize everything. Now you see able to use the new YouTube application.


  1. Thanks for all the tips so far. Except, this link to youtube doesnt work anymore and another cracked 2.2 youtube can,t be installed on my x10. So now im stuck with no youtube. Do you have your 2.2 version still somewhere?

  2. Hey Marc thanks for informing me on that. I didn't know that the link was messed, its fixed now.

  3. Funny that this crack works and xda's doesnt. Thanks a bunch!