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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Automatic Brightness

Some people complained how the X10 2.1 update doesn't have automatic brightness. I found a quick fix for that, and it works for me.


Just go to your Market App and search for Spare Parts, by Android Apps.

Download, and install

Open the app then scroll all the way down and you will find "Brightness mode"

Select it and select "Automatic"

Reboot your phone and test it out. I put my phone in direct sunlight then took it out, I noticed that the brightness of the screen decreased. So I am assuming that it works now.

-Theres a few other options in the app that you can play around with.


  1. Not necessary. With the energy-savings widget you can set the screen to darkest, automatic and brightest. So the setting is there in 2.1, just not in the settings menu.

  2. Where can I find that energy-savings widget? The only backlit widget in my phone sets only to low-med-high backlighting and no config options, nor menu.

  3. Energy saving widget does not have auto brightness mode. Many people think that have but do not.There is only min, medium and max brightness.