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Monday, November 29, 2010

Must Have Wallpaper Application

This is a issue that I noticed right away when I purchased my Xperia X10. The issue was that wallpapers come out distorted. Then I thought that it was a software issue (1.6 Limitations), then when I got 2.1 the issue was still there. But now there is a app that fixes this issue.

-Go to your market and download, Wallpaper Set and Save, install and open

-When you open the application select on set wallpaper

If your wallpapers are in a folder called wallpaper on your SD card then just set as default and select your picture

If not then select on settings/browse folders, select your folder, then save settings

Now you can select your picture, a cool feature is that you can swipe through pictures

Once you have selected your picture "Set Wallpaper"

The only problem that I have had with this application is that it wouldn't save your selected folder as the default. So every time you open the app you have to select your wallpaper folder again. Yeah its gonna kill a few seconds of your life, but who cares the app gets the job done lol.

Here are my results

Before with Banding

After with Wallpaper Set and Save, no more Banding!!

-The funny thing is I remember posting this issue on forums and stuff long time ago, and the responses that I got were "The X10 Screen doesn't support that many colors" "You need 2.1" etc etc. Well ha ha, LOL.  

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