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Thursday, November 18, 2010

X10 News So Far

This is not new news but for those who do not know alot of great news has happened in the X10 world.

1)Custom rom have been developed and the 2.1 version is released as well. But beware there are some bugs and not all of the features work. You can download it here. Personally I am not going to download and install this until it is fully working. If you have nothing to loose try it out. I read around that it is very fast.
User Video Of Custom 2.1

2)SE released a video about how they will introduce multi-touch to the x10 in the beginning of 2011. I shall not explain any more, watch the video and it says it all. Please do me a favor and if you know someone that ditched the X10 because of the "lack of the multi-touch" please laugh at them LOL

When I heard this it wasn't a big deal but when I saw it a flash back of all the multi-touch posts ran in my head. I remember reading sooo many posts about how the hardware was thing and that, and how the screen digitizer and stuff is not capable. Well looks like the X10 is. I honestly feel happy that I didn't sell my X10, and I bet the value of it will increase as well.
Video of SE Multi-Touch

So its all great news for the X10, custom roms are coming out, keep an eye out for the Froyo one, and multi touch. I will update faster when new important events happen. Also X10 users dont worry about the new "X10 Replacement" the X10 will always be the best lol.

*Due to certain reasons I was unavailable to post this post when the news was fresh. I will try not to make this mistake again. 

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