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Monday, November 29, 2010

MedisScape Shortcut

For months now I have been playing around with many music applications. The one that really attracted me with MixZing player but eventually it kinda lost its touch with its generic design. After I re flashed my with 2.1 for the 10th time I gave up on installing all of my previous applications on my phone. So then I stuck with MediaScape, for a week now I have been using it for all of my mp3 needs. MediaScape is pretty good LOL, same quality and sound level as the stock 2.1 music player but looks really really good.

My favorite feature of MediaScape is that its all touch friendly, you hardly have to use the hardware buttons unless you want to exit the app.The only annoyances that I have with MediaScape it is laggy in the menus, and that you have to click into too many different screens to get the song that you want to play. 
  1. Have to wait for the home screen animation to load 
  2. Then you have to go to more 
  3. Then you have to swipe to "Tracks" which is a slow and laggy process
  4. Then you select your song
I found a easier way of getting the job done. Varies on how you do it but its all the same method whether you are using Any Cut, ADW/Shortcut/Activities, or Launcher Pro/Shortcut/Activities, etc. 

So to get directly to Tracks in MediaScape just open the activities menu, then find MediaScape, and make a home screen shortcut for  


This is what it looked like in Launcher Pro, the first box. 

Select it then if you want you can select a name for  it and then place anywhere on your home screen. So when you select it it should take you directly to the Tracks menu, if not then just swipe to Tracks, hit back, then open the shortcut again. You can also choose the other menus as well such as genres, artists, etc.

So far no problems and it works perfectly, I hope SE revamps the next version of MediaScape significantly, pretty sad thou they are the ones that invented WalkMan and the WalkMan brand phones.   

Hope it Helps 

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