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Friday, November 5, 2010

X10 Root/App Cleanup

After I flashed my phone with 2.1 one thing that I noticed right away was the LAG.  It really got on my nerves. My best advise is to get root and uninstall all the unnecessary applications that YOU do not need.

Root App SuperClick
Must have PC companion and have connected your X10 to it once it once

Step 1
-So download SuperClick and extract it 
-Then run SuperOneClick.exe as administrator
-Click Root
-When it says waiting for device plug in your phone

Step 2
-On your phone you will get a popup select "charge"
-Then go to settings/applications/development/and check USB debugging 
-Now PC Companion will pop up and install the new drivers
-The SuperClick program will install the root in your phone
-Once everything is done you will get a pop up on your PC saying you phone has been rooted. 

-If you get a loop of actions with SuperClick and on your phone, take out the wire, untick usb debugging. Then tick usb debugging and then plug in your phone again. I had to do this is like 5 times to get it to work. So just keep on trying. 

After your phone has been rooted, open your market and install busybox, and install it. If that works that you have a fully rooted phone. 

-To uninstall applications that you do not need open the market and install Titanium Backup
-Open the app give it root permissions
-Then go to the Backup/Restore tab
-Let it load all the applications
-To uninstall a application that you do not need for example Moxiar Mail, click on it
-Then select un-install !
-The application is unstalled

I used this method to remove all the preinstalled applications that I didn't need some of the stuff I removed were 
When you are done reboot your phone, and you will notice your phone to be faster. Also you can install root applications like Barnacle Tether, check out that post here


  1. Would it be harmful for my phone is I was to remove timescape? Any ideas?

  2. Hey Tom, I have NOT removed it but I FROZE it with Titanium Backup. My phone runs great. Try it out.

  3. Removed timescape as personally i do not find it very useful.phone works just fine without it

  4. can anyone tell me how to root my without the use of the usb as mine is broken