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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Full 3D Gallery

The default 3D gallery is pretty cool, functional, and full touch friendly. Thats the reason why I use it as my "main" picture app. Heres a little mod to make it fully "main". What I mean is that you can use it as your default to view pictures and you can videos as well. 

-You will need  a root phone 
-Download this file
-Have Root Explorer on your phone (makes your life easier)
-Titanium Backup

First uninstall system gallery (version 1.1.30682). If you can not find it then search for "com.cooliris.media.apk" and uninstall it. 

With Root Explorer 
1)Download the file and place it on the rot of your sd card
2)Open Root Explorer and when on the home screen on the application select "Mount R/W" on the top
3)Then select "sdcard"
4)Then find Gallary3D.apk
5)Long press on it, select "Permissions", then enable everything
6)Long press again then select "Move"
7)Then move the .apk to /system/app

Then select the app again and install. Now you should have the gallery application now to its full extent. So when you select wallpapers select gallery then in the popup select the gallery app again, then tick it as default if you want. For videos open the gallery app then select video then you will get pop up asking which app to open the video with. Select the gallery app and if you want you can tick it as default too. 

If you are going to use Terminal then follow these steps.
-Uninstall the gallery like before if you haven't
-Then place the downloaded .apk onto the root of you SD card.

adb push Gallery3D.apk /sdcard
adb shell
#dd if=/sdcard/Gallery3D.apk of=/system/app/Gallery3D.apk

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