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Monday, November 29, 2010

New TypoClock

I already did a brief review of TypoClock you can find it here. But since then many new updates have appeared and the application is getting better and better. So I have the latest one, I believe it was version 0.48. I am not going to post a direct link since the app gets updated frequently and its free as well. Just type in TypoClock on the market.

The noticeable new features are the drop shadow and the size and color options. 

For the X10 this was the best configuration that would use a good portion of the screen without getting parts of the widget getting clipped. You CAN select 1.4 for the widget size but if you are going to use a drop shadow the shadow will get clipped at the bottom of the widget. 

If you like me and feel asleep in html class and forgot about hex color codes then heres a site to help you out. HEX COLORS

I just released this last Wednesday, that when you set the size above 1.2 Wednesday gets clipped off. So I guess the best fit is 1.2, not a big difference but its better than 1.0 lol. I wish if there was a set x set y feature for the app.

Hope it Helps

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  1. Fine app for android thanks for the tip I am already experimenting in my Xperia x10 and perfect
    a work in very nice.