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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Android 2.1 OPTIMISER Version 2

The OPTIMISER has been updated. The download link is below, and the instructions are the same. If you dont know how to use it look at this post. In this version the final quadrant result is around 700-740.


  1. i tried JIT method and ended up making my phone x10i instead of x10a,had to rebrand(tough),unroot,flash,then debrand again.

    i have to enable USB debugging mode(this causes problems),i had connected my phone in usb debug mode,but super1click will cause it to fall in a loop,it alternately detects and undetects infinite times untill we disconnect,then once or twice it restarted and it read x10i!!
    cant get it to work,and dont want to try anymore,already reflashed once

  2. Hello Nirav, to begin with it does not matter if its a 2.1 a/i. It has been posted that it does not affect the phone. The only minor issue is that you will have to enter your apns manually, which is simple to do. Also Please try the new JIT method is it much easier. Finally I recommended you try the other method it is a big difference and is really a must.