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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

ADW Launcher

This is also a mandatory X10 mod. LOL
This is basically a launcher is is 100% better than the stock launcher. It brings many features to our x10's from HTC leap to the stars wars 2.1 android drawer. Its free and now you can add themes which will make it look even better.

To get it just type in ADW Launcher in the market app and select and install the donut version.

or you can download it with your barcode scanner with the barcode from the site here.

After you install it press your home button, a window will appear asking for which home to use, select ADW it. If you like it press home again this time check the box at the bottom of the windows asking for it to be the default home and then select ADW. If for any reason you want to go back to the normal home just open Timescape and go to settings tick set as home then un tick. Then press the home button and you will get the option to select which home you want to go to.

-Press the menu button and select ADW Settings. Here you can tweak it to your settings from the speed of scrolling to the bounce factor and much much more. 
-Press the menu button and select ADW Settings then go to System Preferences and set up the swipe/long home press actions. I made the swipe down go to the default home screen and swipe up display the HTC LEAP preview feature. In the same setting you can adjust whether you want landscape droid like home screen.
-Press the menu button and select ADW Settings then go to UI Settings and tick "hide allapp  bg" and "hide ab bg" to give a clean look. Also in the same menu make sure that "TINT AB" is unchecked.
-There are many other features as well.

Now you can add paid and free themes to your launcher for a better look. I have the ADW Droid X and Senses ADW Theme. Go to the ADW settings and select Theme Preferences then click on Get Themes. Download your themes then go back to the menu and select them. 

Droid X Theme

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