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Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Here is a quick way to resize pictures to fit the X10.

Here is a little app that will resize any image to set presets and custom sizes. Its Microsofts Image Re-sizer Power Tool and its tiny and free. Download from here. Install and your done. To use the app you have to right click on the image and click "Resize Pictures". Then a popup will appear in the popup select advanced and select custom. In the custom box set it as 960 x 854. Then select okay. A re sized copy of the original will appear on your desktop.

If that doesnt work out for you then you can download VSO Image Resizer, its free you can get it here. The only catch is that there is a 5 sec nagging screen. After you install and open it go to options.
-On the profile line there will be a button saying new profile. Click it
-For resolution put 960 x 854
-For mode select "retarget (seam craving)"
-Then click on the floppy save button and name the preset as X10 or whatever.
So when you want the pictures to be re sized just drag/drop, select your preset, set destination and click process and your done. Keep in mind that sometime some images can sometimes come out distorted so change the mode it may help.

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