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Friday, August 27, 2010

Bricked X10

Hey guys if you have bricked your phone don't worry there are ways to fix it. I bricked my like 2 times cause (1) I used the wrong root update file (2) The reflash tool messed up my x10, i don't recommended it for Rogers users.

If you bricked your phone

a) you can do the step one of your root method. This will reflash it to the 016 or 026 firmware, depends on what method you use.

b)you can use the onimus method to get your phone back to its original firmware, here.

-Just remember to give your phone a rest by taking out the battery and waiting a few minutes. With constant flashing your phone can overheat and sometimes it will just shutoff or not turn on. Some users have reported this issue on XDA.

-Also your your right firmware/root firmware package, it will be less hassle in the future, trust me.

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