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Thursday, August 26, 2010

PicSay Pro/Free Photo Editor

This app was developed by Shinycore, and is already known in the android community as the best photo editing app for the platform. It truly is the amount of features, tweaks, and the level of customization beats the competition. There is the free and the paid version, to be honest this will be a good $.400 spent well.

When you open the app you will get the option to choose a picture and open the recent picture that you last worked on. After you chose you picture you will get the option to choose how large you want to open the picture, I just open it at the max size. Then you will be presented with a large amount of options and tools to play with. From titles, stickers, word balloons, to the A-Z of photo editing. Exposure, tint, color, brightness, soft glow, vignette, heat map, and the list continues. Once your done you can export your picture to many sources such as blue-tooth, facebook, sd, and more.

Overall this is a great application, if your a photo person or a social (facebook) person this app will suit your needs. It will help you adjust the exposure to get the perfect sun set scene or add a funky sticker on the party picture to post on facebook.

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