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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

How to Root X10

With the root users can further enhance and use their device. With root you can uninstall pre-installed apps like Moxiar. Also you can install apps like Barnacle Tether which allow your phone to work as a wifi hot spot. You can either choose to install 026 and then root with the root package, or just root your device with the one click root application. 

FIRST make sure that you have backed all of your data. Such as contacts. applications, and application data. Also make sure that you have either SEUS (update program) or PC Companion installed and used at least once.

With the packages, it will install the latest firmware then root your device. You will need to have usb debugging ticked in the settings/applications/development, device id, and java. All the instructions are included in the files and there will be onscreen instruction on the CMD. If your getting a java errors then you will need to uninstall your current java, reboot, go to java.com and install the latest one, reboot, and try again. If you are getting more errors then try changing your usb port. For me I had some errors in the beginning, so then I installed java again. Then again I received errors so then I changed my usb port and it worked. : )

Exploid Root for X10a with Generic R2BA026 

Exploid Root for X10i with Generic R2BA026 

One Click Root .APK 

Steps for root package

Download/Extract/and open the file  

Then open the RootX10*_v2.cmd


When you do you will presented with 3 options each one with a specific number. 1 to flash to the generic 026 firmware. 2 to root, and 3 for the market fix.


So to flash your phone to 026 just press 1 and then press enter in the CMD
Then you will get the following screen below. Now you have to power down your device. Remove and reinsert your battery for 5 seconds. Then plug in usb to the phone. Now hold the back key on your phone, insert the usb cable to your pc, and when the green light shows press enter or any key in the CMD. You have to do this within 5 seconds or your phone will boot normally.

After a few minutes and a bunch of coding passing your eyes, the flashing will stop. The CMD will display finished press any key to exit. Exit the CMD remove the usb from your PC and remove and then reinsert the battery. Now boot your phone, this will take a while since you just flashed it. Once loaded you will have the generic 026 firmware. To make sure that you do go to settings/about phone/and check the build number.

Now go to applications and make sure that Unknown sources has a check mark, then untick PC companion Installation cause its just annoying. Then go to Development and tick USB debugging. All of this was done for the next root step. Now open the CMD in the root folder and press 2 and hit enter. You will get the following screen.

You will see that we have done the steps except have the quick settings bar on the home screen to quickly turn on and off the wifi. DON'T MOUNT YOUR PHONE. Connect your phone and it will find your phone and prompt you with on screen instructions. In my case I hated this step because I couldn't get it to work. I don't know what I did wrong, so I just closed the CMD. Downloaded the standalone root apk and rooted my phone with the app. Just place it on your SD card open with file manager and press root. After its done it will ask you to reboot, so reboot. Now you have a rooted device.

Now you will have to do the market fix your phones. Just remember not to mount your device, and to keep USB debugging on. Open the CMD press 3 and hit enter. The following will appear. Follow the steps this will finish quickly and your done.

Now you have your phone with the latest firmware and root. To test everything out and make sure that everything is working install busy box from the market and install it, and then download some root apps like AdFree.
So far I have the root for more that 2 weeks and everything is going well. No problems. The previous root had a problem where after some days it would not let you install apps from the SD card, not with this root. Also some are saying that the speaker volume has increased, and when you plug in your headphones. Personally I could not fully see this change. Also with the new update you will get a new SE backup tool and the colors look more blended in so there will be less gradient banding on screen.

XDA Developers LINK-thanks to developers 


  1. In reading this, then looking through the rest of the blog. I can't seem to figure out if this is a good thing or not. Didn't you say that yours was bricked? And wasn't that AFTER you had applied this? When I went into this phone, no one explained that we weren't on 2.1+ and that we'd have no access to adobe flash, all the market apps.. I can't even run my BlueAnt software for my headset. So, if it's not too much trouble, could someone explain whether this is still OK to do or are we looking at a hit by rogers after they release their update. Would we be OK just udating the phone through SEU? As it stands now, I'm a Rogers X10a unlocked, unbranded with the North American firmware sitting at 1.6 Kernel 2.6.29-rel R2BA020

  2. Hello, I bricked my phone using a previous flash method and mixing up root files from old old old root method. Also Iam Rogers too and I am not really surprised if we will get 2.1 in December.