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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thomson Reuters News Pro

Thomson Reuters News Pro by Handmark is the best Reuters app out there on the market. Personally I like straight forward apps that do the work simply without any extra fancy addons. This app does that. It fetches me high quality international news and arranges them in various categorizes. It delivers the news quickly to you and supports a custom stock feature and gestures. Along with text you also get images as well.

There is also a handy widget that you can place, its the same size as the quick settings bar. You choose a specific type of news and it will display the headlines from that section on your home screen. You can click to other headlines and select specific ones you want to fully read.

This app delivers the news to your phone, it doesn't re direct you a website like other apps. Good for business people has a good stock section built in. When you connected you can use this app to its fullest. When you offline you can still access the new BUT you will get a limited amount of info. From 1 or 3 sentences to a paragraph. That is why there is a "Get All Stories" option that will download all the news to your phone. This takes a while to do, and I am not sure about how much data it will take, It downloads full news articles with text and images, so best to do it if your on wifi.

Overall GREAT app, looks nice works well and does not show lag.
Some of its features are
-ability to save all and specific stories
-ability to share stories
-change font size
-custom stock watcher

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