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Friday, August 27, 2010

How to Stop Mediascape to Reading Unwanted Media Files

Hey guys, I recently installed Asphalt great game. After playing around I opened my MediaScape to play some games. All of a sudden engine sounds started playing. I checked the track listings and more than 70 sound files from Asphalt have been picked up by MediaScape.

If you have the same or a similar problem heres a quick fix.

-Open your notepad
-Then go to File/Save As
-In the file name enter .nomedia
-In the Save Type As select All files
Then just save it to your desktop

Now drag and drop that .nomedia file to the folder on you SD, that you DO NOT want MediaScape to read. DO NOT place it on the root of your SD card, if you do nothing will get read.CoPilot uses the same method. 

If you want MediaScape not to read your .mp3 ringtones and alarms check out my Ringtones/Notifications section.

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