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Thursday, August 26, 2010

How to edit and make ringtones louder

We all know that the X10 has a pretty low headset and speaker volume. The included sounds and ringtones work well and seem optimized for the X10, BUT what about your custom sounds and ringtones. You can easily edit your files with a simple light program called Audacity. Yeah you can use Ringdroid, but I prefer this method more control.

Link for Audacity Potable, no installation
Link for Audacity Full, both PC and Mac

Now lets say that your ringtone is called song.mp3

Open Audacity and drag and drop song.mp3 into Audacity
As you can see the mp3 sound wave is pretty low.

Now select the mp3 file by clicking on the file or going to Edit/Select/All
With your song highlighted now go to Effect/Amplify and select it
You will get the following pop up

Now adjust how much you want to amplify your mp3. Here I chose 12.4, you can always preview your adjustment as well by clicking the preview button. Make sure that you don't adjust toooo high and preview or your ears will bleed, trust me. Now make sure that Allow clipping is ticked and press okay. The song will now be amplified.

Now you can see a big difference, and you can hear it as well. Click the play button to hear the difference. Once your satisfied go to File/Export as MP3 and export your file. Now just drag and drop the file to the correct folders on your SD card.

Easy, and now you leaned something new, and you can use this for other applications as well. You can also edit your songs as well using Audacity and play around with the effects.

-Just remember that the X10 is a phone and not some Yamaha system so don't except too much
-Some heavy bass songs will come out pretty bad on the X10 speaker, so when using heavy bass songs amplify a little bit
-Also remember to rename the file if you don't know how its here
-Don't go over and kill your phones speaker if you do not my fault

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