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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ominus Flash --- Update Not Working POST DEAD

Ominus Flash Method.
The following is the Ominus method for flashing your X10's. Just remember to download the right files and to have a full charge. Also don't swap files with your devices, X10a = X10a files X10i = X10i files.

First you need to make a Ominus account. It is easy and free, you can do it here, just remember to use your real email and stuff you will need it later. After its down just extract it to your desktop.

Here you can find stock and generic firmwares.

Now open Ominus and go to settings and then server settings and enter in your Ominus user name/password and save the settings.

Now power down your device. In the Ominus top left corner select your phone model, Xperia X10. Then select identify besides it. You will now need to plug in your phone in flash mode. By holding the back button and then plugging it in your computer. Ominus will identify your device and then ask you to turn it off and remove battery then insert again for 5 seconds. Don't turn it on after.

-For any reason Ominus was unable to identify your device it is probably because you don not have the x10 drivers installed on your computer. To do so you can just google x10 drivers or install pc companion or seus and run it once. That way the drivers will be installed.

Now click on Flash, which is next to Identify. When you do a window will appear asking for the application software file and customization software file. In the applications box select the phone.zip (small file) on your desktop or where ever you put it. In the customization box select the other file, android_1233...zip (large file). These are the files that were in your firmware zip. These names are based on the generic Rogers 014 firmware, but you get the point. Like the previous step you will have to plug in your phone in flash mode. Holding the back button and plugging in the USB cable.
--ALSO when you are selecting your firmware files just remember to select "all files" in file types, that way you can see and select the firmware files.

After the process is done, it will say successfully in green on the bottom. Now unplug your device from the computer, and take out the battery and wait like 10 seconds. Now reinsert it and boot your phone, initial boot will take a while since it has just been flashed.

You have now flashed your phone.

Now say you previously done this or you rooted your phone with the wrong version you can use this method to get your phone back to its original firmware. In my case I used the first root method and rooted my phone with the x10i method. So to get it back all i did was download the original ROGER Firmware, and did the steps.


  1. 18:52:56 Receiving news...
    18:52:58 i No news
    18:53:00 e You have no suitable licence for the requested operation
    18:53:00 e Failed!
    18:53:00 . The action entered shutdown phase
    18:53:00 . The action reported failure

    Error code
    # 3D64D545F72E12D3

    problem when flashing with roger firmware...????

  2. Hello Jonny, I think that it is due to Ominus not being free anymore. Sorry about that. Instead just flash your phone to 2.1, I am on Rogers too.

  3. Hey Rakash, my phone is bricked and I'm not really understanding, from the post just above, how to fix it. Can you explain a little more please?

  4. Hello to begin with this post is dead sorry for the inconvenience, did you try PC Companion.

    If that does not work then I suggest to use the 2.1 flasher for now and get your phone working again.

  5. [code]
    Action journal
    20:33:49 Flash
    20:33:49 Allows to change languages supported by the phone and upgrade its firmware.
    20:33:49 Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 (build 2600)
    20:33:49 Application version: 0.15.2648 (beta)
    20:33:49 . The action name is 'Flash'
    20:33:49 Selected phone type: Xperia™ X10
    20:33:49 i Instructions
    20:33:49 i 1. Make sure the phone battery is charged to at least 50%.
    20:33:49 i 2. Switch off the phone!
    20:33:49 i 3. Remove the phone battery and wait at least 5 seconds before reinserting it!
    20:33:49 i 4. Press and hold the return back button, then connect the cable to the phone!
    20:33:49 . The action started waiting for the user
    20:34:25 . The action finished waiting for the user
    20:34:25 Connecting via SEMC USB Flash Device (USB4)...
    20:34:25 Device driver version:
    20:34:25 Detected chipset: QSD8250
    20:34:26 Boot mode: EROM
    20:34:26 IMEI: 35941903516614
    20:34:26 Sending loader...
    20:34:26 e Failed!
    20:34:26 . The action entered shutdown phase
    20:34:26 . The action reported failure

    Error code
    # 5EBB74D9999C76A4

    Error details
    11 84 3A E2 C5 29 79 A2 29 3A FB F2 83 B2 D1 F0
    B8 02 8D 4F 65 08 29 38 E9 42 31 B7 1D 61 81 7A
    9F EE C0 B7 6F 11 89 FF C9 14 65 08 E3 70 CF 0A
    CF 0C C3 CE 55 45 77 52 99 0A 15 6B ED 60 1F 66
    F5 5C BD F2 D5 28 C7 10 69 0C C5 DE 8B FB FC F9
    what is the problem

  6. I want to debrand my xperia x10a n update it to 2.1....plz help