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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Videos on your X10

Here are some methods of getting videos on your Xperia X10

 If you just want to get a video from youtube then go to savevid and download the video as MP4(Zune, PSP Quality). Then put it in your video folder on your SD card. When you play the video double tap the screen and it will enlarge the video. If you download videos that are wide screen this method works perfectly and will fill up the X10's screen during playback.

To get high quality YouTube or general videos on your Xperia x10.
Save your video url and paste it in savevid
 Then download the highest quality flv or mpeg4, I usually don't go above 720p

Then get Total Video Converter
Install Total Video Converter

Drag the video file and choose mp4(mpeg4 mp4) format as the output format

Go to settings

Video resize
custom-854*480 (the original x10) screen resolution
Put the aspect as normal

Audio options
bitrate 128 or for music videos
you can put 192

Video options
Frame rate custom 30
Video bit rate 1500.

Then choose output folder and convert


Install open

make a new preset called xperia x10

width 640 height 480
cropping auto

video codec mpeg-4
frame rate 29.97
average bit rate 1500

save your preset

then choose output folder and file name and convert

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