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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

HTC Keyboard

This is in my opinion a mandatory mod for the X10. This allow you to have the HTC keyboard on your X10. To begin I do not like the X10 keyboard, reason number one is because I have thumbs and fingers. Reason number 2 is because the layout and design of it kinda sucks. Reason number 3 is because it lacks features. This is a quick and easy fix.

This is the HTC Keyboard

Just by looks and design it beats the stock android and SE keyboard.

First you need make sure that you have unknown sources checked in settings/applications/ 

Then save/and extract this file. And copy ONLY the .htcime file to the root of your sd card.

Then save and extract this file, and place the contents of it in anywhere on your sd card. Just put it in a place that you will remember. I put it in the "other" folder. Or you can just make a new folder.

Now go to your market and download any file manager. I use ES File Manager, or you can use Astro or OI file manager.

Now open your file manager and locate the files that you put on your SD card earlier on. This will install the keyboard and the calibration tool.

Now go to settings/local & text and make sure that the HTC keyboard is ticked.

So to enable it go to messaging and  long press on input box and select input methods and choose the HTC keyboard.

Your done.

-Go to the HTC keyboard setting in settings/local & text/HTC_IME mod. Here you can adjust and tweak it to your tastes.
-Go to User Interface and untick the "show candidates bar" to remove the grey bar on screen
-Go to User Interface and tick "no landscape full screen" to get a full screen "iphone" like landscape keyboard.
-Go to User Interface, at the bottom select volume keys and assign them to move the cursor. This will sub the lack of arrow keys on the keyboard.
-For Calibration go to Text Input and go to Calibration Tool. This will open a portrait qwerty, and you will have to spell the screen text on the keyboard. IF you have big fingers then complete the typing with your thumb pressed flat on the screen. When I did it this way it made the portrait qwerty more responsive for me: ). Also speed doe not matter.

Hope this Helps


  1. Hey does this support x10 mini aswell... Becouse I cant instal the HTC keyboard properly it sais it dident find com.htc.android.htcime (after the instalation) I am sure I've done everything properly

  2. Hello, it should. The first download link has three files just put them all onto the root of your SD card. Then follow the other steps.

  3. same for my X10 mini
    it doesnt work?

  4. Hey instead of that , you could go for Swype.
    Its awesome and it works great on my X10.
    If you use this, then you will not want anything.
    Just check out some videos on it first :D