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Thursday, August 26, 2010

New X10 User Starter List

This is a list of useful free apps that which help new X10/Android users.

Battery Indicator
Simple app that displays the condition, temperature, voltage, time since charged. Pretty handy and super light app. I have been using it for months and it does not consumer noticeable amount of battery, in fact it hardly does. Just remember to ignore it when your using a task manager. 

AK Notepad
This is another simple, light, handy app. I have this on my main screen. AK Notepad is straight forward simple note taking app that does the job without any fancy extras. It auto saves your notes, and has the ability to share your notes to many sources, and can backup and import your notes as well. You can also customize it by changing the notepad style from the common yellow pad to pink and green. Also this is free.

MediaScape is nice but with the recent update the picture quality had kinda of dropped. Also its not as quick and SE still hasn't implemented the one swipe zoom. JustPictures is pretty cool app it has a good interface, good features, and its pretty fast. You can quickly swipe between pictures, and the quality of pictures is good. It has one swipe zoom and the traditional zoom in and out buttons. Its free and the developer responds to your questions quickly.

When people think of alternative email for Android they all think of K9 Mail. I have nothing against the app its just too confusing for me and it never really worked well for me. Then I found MailDroid, great app, gets updates, and has good developers. It is straight foward put in your email and password it will set up for you automatically. Its stable and has all the functions of any other email app. This app is a BIG jump from the default email app on the X10, well any email is. Try it out.

Handcent SMS
This is a perfect sub for the stock messaging application. To begin with you can customize it to your tastes, from the iphone like bubble style to the normal android style. Has more useful features than the stock app like sending multiple text messages, changing the color of the LED, and displaying pictures for the contacts. It also includes a cool sms pop up features when you receive a text it will pop up so you can quickly respond to it. Overall this is a good app and is a worthy substitute for the stock messaging application.  
You probably know what this is, well its a cool compass app. Works with and without internet, just have your gps on. It has several different types of compass's from the typical compass to antique and digital. Along with different compass types there is also different backgrounds as well. So far I have no problems, force closes or anything this is a great app for the X10 or any android device.

Its a stopwatch, period. Does its job well and is something that should have been already included with Android.

Voice Recorder
Good for..................voice recordings, nice interface, and its free.

Barcode Scanner
This is an important app that all Android users must have. Really handy when getting links for apps or downloading them. Like the last 3 apps this is another mandatory download, and it does its job. 

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